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Think Energy.

Energy knowledge. When we consider that everything is energy, including the physical body, it becomes easier to translate our daily challenges into energy knowledge. Close your eyes after you have read this paragraph and visualize everything as energy.  Make believe you are in the last scene of...

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07 February
  |   change

Fears are foes.

So many of us are plagued by fears.  There is the fear of flying, fear of heights, fear of snakes, fear of water, fear of germs, fear of dentist etc. Then there are more internal and intangible fears such as fear of loss, fear of abandonment,...

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05 March
  |   healing

The Aftermath; Parent-To-Parent

    As a Mother I can barely imagine the torture of losing a child.  And it is perhaps not surprising that the shocking violence in Connecticut has touched the hearts of so many, initiating an outpouring of grief on a global scale.  The impact of this...

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19 December
Britta Dubbels