The art of slowing down

  |   being present, breath, transformation
On Easter, the concept of slowing down goes perfectly with this Holiday. Unwinding and slowing down could be compared to your personal resurrection. 
Every time you make a point to take time and connect with your inner self, you revive yourself, you breathe new life into your Being.
In a world of instant gratifications and quick fix solutions, where screens have replaced human interactions and 
relationship dynamics, 
“how can we slow down and why?”  
Most have become perfectly adjusted and happy with their unrealized addiction to a fulfilling relationship with their screen and a never-ending rush of thoughts controlling every second of every day. It has almost become chic to be overly stimulated and to identify as ADD.
It is important to slow down for so many reasons and even though it might seem impossible, it is not.
You are not this human Being for long.  You are an eternal soul, here in this current human form to complete and fulfill your soul’s mission.  This is not something to take lightly.  And whilst you are also in human form to have fun and enjoy the heck out of it, 
your soul needs your attention.  Your relationship with your soul and with yourself – as the soul – is your most important mission here on earth. You are responsible to create space for this very subtle (at first) yet most powerful communication and guidance. 
But this cannot happen unless you slow down.
Slowing down your brain, slowing down your reactions, slowing down your choices, for example, will create space.  This is the space in between your deeply conditioned human body and your soul. This is the space through which you will hear and feel your soul. If you do not slow down and create space to hear and feel your soul, the things that truly matter will get lost in the noise of your fast life.
In today’s speedy pace environment, the greatest challenge for most is to 
stop doing. 
One easy way to observe yourself is in how easy or how difficult is it for you to stop occupying 
your time. 
Do you always have to have plans?  Do you always have to be with somebody and socialize? 
Are you addicted to work?  
Many people cannot be alone and have to make plans or keep working, otherwise they feel something is wrong.  
How often do you make a date with your soul? 
You must embrace the most important relationship with Number 1 and this is YOU!  
Make time for yourself, 
enjoy You time!
Nothing is wrong by spending time with yourself and I don’t mean watching a movie either. 
I mean good old introspection, where you observe your thoughts, resonate on how things have made you feel.  Perhaps asking yourself some questions, such as, “am I happy?” “How do I feel?” “What would make me happy?” “Am I listening to myself?” 
“What has my gut been wanting to tell me?” 
“What have I been ignoring?” 
In order to create this space and time with yourself you might want to take a walk, a bath, paint, draw, do automatic writing or simply sit with yourself. Any slowed activity is fine, as long as you aren’t distracted by the doing.  Some tap in by cooking, others when driving… change it up and you will find that you will begin to feel/ sense what you need in order to slow down.
The key lies in allowing the energies to arise from within you, without any other stimulus (or very limited) from the outside.  
How could anything arise if you receive constant input?  
In the end, being with yourself is the far more advanced state of being. It is also the much harder and more challenging choice, in the beginning. “Why,” you might ask? Because all the unacknowledged and stuffed away emotions and feelings will rise to the surface.  
All the information that your psyche has been wanting to share with you will finally have room to emerge. This is scary to many people. Yet all this clutter that is causing anxiety, overwhelm and overload has to go somewhere. 
It has to be passed by the big boss, and that would be you. 
Only once this clutter has been processed and acknowledged, have you created the space to finally connect with your most inner treasure, your soul and its communication, wisdom and infinite empowered strength.
Make that date time with your soul. Look for it, feel for it, listen for it… This is why you have come here and it is the only guidance to seek out! 
You will never steer yourself wrong. 
With much love and blessings of light to you and yours.