The Fifth Dimension

  |   healing, transformation

I am writing this blog because I’ve been becoming aware of an increasing interest in metaphysical information, especially on the subject of the “5th Dimension”.
From a physics point of view the 5th dimension might be the “space time fabric”.
What does that mean ?
Nothing on this Earth is a solid mass. At the core of everything , down to the atoms and nucleus, all is Energy. Science like Quantum Physics, String Theory, Astrophysics, Particle Physics ,etc. is suggesting that “ We” are Energy. That “ We” are all literally one! It is this Energy that is the essence of everything in existence, on this planet earth and probably within our universe, the milky way.
But what does it all mean ?
To me, out of my understanding and truth the 5th Dimension means an advanced level of consciousness. Awareness of the depth and oneness of all Beings on this Planet. Generally “Us Humans”, in this material world live 3 Dimensionally. The things we can see, touch, smell ,taste ,hear, are all 3 Dimensional. I believe that we are much more than what we can see, touch….etc. . I believe that we are extensions of Source ( whichever name for Source feels right to you ), pure Love and Light, Energy, that chose to incarnate into physical expressions . I know that most of us Humans have had some experiences with higher Dimensions. These are often being put of as, “ ah, it’s all in your mind”, or, “ I probably just imagined that”, or, “ am I going crazy ?”….
Our planet Earth is anchored in 5th Dimension. A mass consciousness awakening is happening. We are becoming aware of who we really are. And that we are able to live that , right here on this planet, in these bodies, while we are living the daily lives we are living. This is our future ! It is not only our future, it is happening. Humans are becoming aware, conscious, of the environment, of alternative products that are not polluting and destroying Mother Earth. Of eating healthy, organically if possible, because we are what we eat. Of alternative ways to healing. The mind, emotion, spirit and body connection cannot be ignored anymore. We do have the ability to heal ourselves and maintain a healthy, happy , abundant, peaceful and inspired experience. It is our Birthright.
We are bound to our 3 Dimensional lives as long as we are living and reacting out of our programming, learned behavior, learned beliefs, attachments to drama, substances and the outside circumstances that appear threatening. Fearful of change. We become liberated from all this as we adjust through the 4th Dimension into Ease and Grace of being in the 5th. The transition through the 4th is the awareness of what is possible. It is very normal for Beings to move back and forth from 3rd to 4th , learning and getting to know themselves. Recognizing one’s thoughts, emotions, words, actions and adjusting them.
In the 5th we are at ease with the flow of life. Changes and challenges turn into stepping stones for growth and opportunity. We do not take things personally or feel victimized because we get to take responsibility. We get to forgive. We get to respond vs. react. We get to have compassion for the other’s “ State of mind”. We get to communicate respectfully and set boundaries. We get to love and respect ourselves on our own personal journeys, as the Humans we agreed to be. Knowing ourselves to be limitless in creating our world our way. We do create our own reality! Masters of our own minds! We get to coexist peacefully and respectfully within different religions, cultures and traditions.
Of course this doesn’t happen over night ! And it takes practicing and maintaining it. Strengthening it.
Allowing for the experience to continuously grow. Because as long as we are these bodies, we are still only 5th Dimensional.
There are certainly higher Dimensions that we will eventually merge back into. Once we leave these bodies and this Universe, we leave the experience of “ I “. Hence move into the experience of Oneness, higher in Dimensions, until there is no more “I” left.
So let’s enjoy it while we are here !
What are you waiting for?