“This is your dream! Just go for it!”

  |   being present

What is your dream? Everybody has one! But if your dream hasn’t been present in your mind for a while, perhaps this is the time to reactivate it.
It’s so easy to postpone our most cherished dreams, and often we even bury them deep inside rather than admit we no longer believe they are possible.  What if life is a dream in itself?  And you are the dreamer!  The truth is, you are in control of your dream and it’s direction.
When I was a little girl I would fly in my dreams alNov Blog Photo Brittamost every night.  Sometimes I would shoot through the air like Superwoman, but most of the time I would fly by doing breast-stroke, as if I were swimming.  I noticed that it was harder to fly when my mind was troubled by something.  I found it challenging to stay up high in the air, and had to stay really focused on maintaining altitude.  And then on better days, I would make a few attempts and soar effortlessly into flight again.
This attitude hasn’t changed much for me in my real life.  I keep going, focusing, believing, trusting and breathing J.  It is my commitment to myself to maintain a high altitude for myself. And “yes,” some days I have to really focus, the way I used to in my dreams in order to maintain a high altitude, which is achieved by the right attitude.
Haven’t you ever dreamt that you were running, but no matter how hard or fast your legs worked you didn’t actually move?  Our “sleep dreams” aren’t so different from living the Human dream.  Our sleep dreams can be challenging, frustrating — but also invigorating, exciting and brilliant.  And within our sleep dreams as well as within our Human lives, our attitude will always define our altitude. If you have flown once, you can do it again. If you have succeeded once, you can do it again.  If you have been happy and fulfilled once you can do it again. The one thing we can never stop doing is to keep “going for it”.
When we exit our Human bodies, when our time here is done and we wake up into our real selves, acknowledging how real that dream felt; we don’t want any regrets!  No wishing you would have persisted more, pushed harder, trusted more, and kept going! You owe it to yourself to follow your dream.  At least you will be able to respect yourself for “going for it.”  Sometimes it really takes a long time to manifest dreams but that is a part of the dream game.  You have to risk, be courageous, ignore the “nay sayers” and follow your gut!
You must persist!
And guess what?  You will get your dream! You will get your dream because you are the dreamer and you are in charge of moving it forward, into the desired direction.  Believe it!
So now all you need to do is start dreaming again.
What’s your dream baby?
Thank you for your energy. Until next time.
Love and Light to you and yours.
Your dreamer and friend,

Britta Dubbels