Three Fingers Point Back

  |   healing, transformation

There is a great saying and it goes something like this: “When you point your finger, three fingers always point back at yourself.”
Try it now and see for yourself.
This should leave an excellent visual memory imprint in your brain that, if you choose, could be an anchor or reminder whenever you begin to point a finger whether you attempt to do so mentally or physically.
Okay, so back to our journey of conscious spiritual evolution … on your ultimate voyage toward self-awareness, by definition you need to check in with yourself in order to evolve. In this case, I am here to remind you that finger pointing has it’s own self-check mechanism.
What does it really mean to point a finger? In its simplest form, finger pointing is meant to bring attention to some person or thing. This “pointing out” however very often becomes a less innocent “act” and turns into blame and judgment. If and when one is serious or conscious about his or her journey one knows that blame and judgment are “consciousness traps” and require a bigger picture perspective that certainly includes the self.
When the time arrives where you do lovingly catch yourself as you are about to judge something as ”bad”, “less than” or “blaming”, you may now make the choice to notice your three fingers pointing back at yourself.  This is wonderful opportunity for you because you are wishing to grow and evolve, to shift out of those old, outdated and boring patterns into supportive, exciting and new preferred patterns.  This is your opportunity to follow your own three fingers back to yourself and to take responsibility. TAKE A LOOK! The three fingers are wanting to tell you, “Look at yourself, this is your own journey, don’t worry about anybody else’s journey, it’s about you.”
In Germany we have a saying which after translation goes something like this, “Don’t worry about your neighbors mess, clean up your own yard first.”
Now lets say that there is nothing on your end to take responsibility for…(rare, but it does happen), at a minimum you will be proud for “catching yourself” pointing a finger and you may also now practice compassion and clarity in seeing everything instead.
Talk about a win-win solution.
Namaste  (means- I see the light in you)