Time Management

  |   healing, transformation

Time, time, time….
I am the first to admit in being guilty of not having enough hours in the day!  And this is funny because I am completely operating out of the perspective that time and this entire earth-play is an illusion…
This basically proves my point, however, that even though this entire earth-play IS a temporary experience and in it’s entire setup an optical illusion (Albert Einstein uses these words), we are still all subject to our earthly responsibilities with all their respective challenges.  The purpose of us incarnating is to master the challenges and to use them toward self mastery (choosing response vs. triggered old reaction); this is the ultimate goal of one’s soul.
My answer turned out to be time-management and flexible priority setting … Time management and thinking ahead is certainly important but remaining flexible yet focused has become an important aspect for me.
Time management is important because we all have “comfort zones” in occupying our time. Of course there are the things we want/like to do and the thinks we just do because we must…
As with all comfort zones, they are set patterns of behavior that make them comfortable and stress-free.  So, to integrate something “new” it is important to hold the “new” in the forefront (frontal lobe) of the brain and to reinforce to the self that “Yes” I will do it as soon as it fits in! As long as you hold it in a presence to you and keep remembering that it is something you are committing to adding into your routine, there will come an opening and opportunity to start integrating it.  Hence — being flexible!
You want to be flexible with yourself, almost gentle yet steady (holding it in your frontal lobe) in order to properly integrate it because “old comfort zones” are stubborn and do not like change!
This is scientifically proven and it is the old complaint of: “I want to start something, I do start it and then I stop it again!”
Change takes time, we are programmed all the way down to our chemical production and must work with this knowledge of ourselves and the way we are “set up” as Humans!!!  The more we know about ourselves the easier it becomes to stir the”self” into the desired direction!  Give yourself space, time, love, patient support with continual reinforcement, reminders and held vision (goal), and you will automatically begin reprogramming yourself. The shift seamlessly:  without beating yourself up.  Pressure only makes things worse and promotes more resistance in the end.
Respect yourself, know yourself, work with yourself and breathe…and anything can be accomplished…
This world is your oyster!  : )
Love and Light,

Britta Dubbels