Undying Love.

  |   breath, healing, self love
Undying love.
The more you love, the more love you have to give.
There is and never will be a shortage of love.
Love is the essence of your soul and source.  It is what this universe is made of.
However, on this journey through life, we often get hurt, experience loss or pain through betrayal – because we loved. Many times, this results in the “shutting down” of ones heart.
I look at our planet earth and see so many with closed hearts. Pain and fear easily shuts down the heart.  It is a subconscious reaction, when one doesn’t want to feel pain. It happens by attaching negative thoughts to the painful experience.
However, from a spiritual perspective, just because something feels painful doesn’t mean it is negative.  That is simply our trained knee jerk reaction.
The negative thoughts about the painful experience create dense energies that literally cover up the hearts ability
to resonate.
We have learned to numb ourselves and disconnect from feeling by closing down the most miraculous organ in our body,
your heart.
The heart is the first organ that forms, when we are growing within our mother’s womb. The heart is 100 times electrically stronger and up to 5000 times magnetically stronger than the brain.  It is through the heart that we feel emotions such as love, compassion, joy, peace and empathy.
It is through the heart that we connect with all other Beings and into our oneness consciousness.
The heart rate changes due to feelings and emotions and affects the heart rhythm patterns.  Anxiety, stress, anger or frustrations cause the heart rhythm patterns to become chaotic.  This affects the physical body with insufficient function, causes extra wear and tear on the body and depletes ones energy.  Stress and prolonged negativity will manifest in form of density.
Of course the way to prolong ones suffering is through thinking, by taking on the victim – poor me, suffering approach. By attaching a story to the pain and giving it reasonable justification.
The pain must be felt
but it feels so much better though an open heart.
The greater the suffering, the greater the gifts of independence, strength and growth.
There can only be suffering, when there is attachment on the human level in form of the personal will or dependencies.
Your breath connects into your heart and will assist you in being clearheaded enough, so that you will find the right thoughts and perspectives to choose.  When in doubt or in too much emotional pain, do not think at all!
You can feel all the emotions but still refrain from holding yourself in the
victim position.
You are NEVER a victim.  THATis the illusion. EVERYTHINGhappens for you!
There are always lessons, but you have to be willing to own them.

Everything is meant to give to you, to add to your souls healing, growth and purpose.

Whatever thought tells you otherwise, is not your friend.
When we feel love, appreciation and care, our heart rhythm patterns become a harmonious and smooth wave. These harmonious patterns will make us more consciously aware of ourselves and the universe around us. These waves connect into the vibrational patterns of nature, sacred geometry and light consciousness.
This is why positive emotions feel so good.
We become synchronized, the body works better and we literally become lighter.
To be open hearted is your natural state, when you are connected to your soul – regardless of the emotional experience.
You feel a sense of trust that everything will work out and a common understanding of a wisdom within yourself. It is the freedom to be and to flow faithfully with what is.
It is when all systems run in harmony, including your intuition, your foresight and ability to read energy.
Love never dies.
Whether a loved one passes or a lover leaves, your love is undying and can be unconditional, regardless of the situation.
If there was love before, it can continue to be there.
Truthfully it continues to be there, but it is your choice to allow it.  😉
From a spiritual perspective the absence of love is what we came here to heal as the infinite souls that we are. Our souls have brought into this lifetime an array of emotional karma, that still wants to be cleared. Only love can heal the absence of love, only love can fill it’s place.  There is either love or the absence of it. You can feel sadness and loss but you can feel it with love and with compassion for self or for another. Let’s be real, nothing is personal and whatever the cause of your suffering may be – you agreed to it on a soul level to teach you what you were still missing.
Our souls have loved each other for eternity.  Somebody can be your greatest enemy here on earth.  The second you see each other in the light, at home, as souls, you will hug each other and the love will be there in it’s purest and fullest form.  Think about that.  It is the illusion that tells us about suffering and our brains are wired to buy into it!
It is the love that is the truth, which binds us in eternity.
Drop the illusion and keep your heart open wide, as open as the sky.  Allow your undying love to remain your personal experience, at all times; regardless of the illusion.
You are infinite and eternal, and so is your love.
With blessings of love and light to you and yours,

Britta Dubbels