Wait no more!

  |   being present, breath, change

As you already know, the time you have here on earth is short. Time seems to be flying by…. .
The last thing you want is to have regrets about waisting time! Do not wait to enjoy life now.  It really is the truth!  I understand people think that their “situations” are keeping them from the enjoyment. The perceived reality doesn’t allow them to “feel” happy or grateful. When in truth it is a simple redirection of thought.
Redirection of thought may take a little practice; it may take a little determination.  But since life will continue to deliver “situations”   that will be challenging, there is nothing to wait for. A positive attitude, looking for the silver lining, the blessing in disguise is a way of thinking that requires active choice!  It will never, no matter how blessed your life may be, turn on magically or all by itself.  I know people that have everything but are still unhappy and negative.
Do not wait for your “situations” to change in order for you to choose possibility, opportunity, solution or silver lining thinking.  The simple fact of you being alive and having a body is a blessing! Your breath is a gift!
Focus on redirecting your thinking now, do not wait. It is a choice that will change your life forever, in a good way! Don’t waste your time with negativity.  It won’t do anything for you, it never has!
Do not wait, time is the most precious and valuable possession you have! Laugh, live, love!!!!
May your day be filled with peace and happiness.
Love and Light,

Britta Dubbels