We are All Energy

  |   healing, transformation

Take a moment, and ask yourself: “When do I feel happy, peaceful and one with the flow of life ?” Probably when you are thinking positive or no thoughts at all … and when your emotions are balanced and feeling content. Yes!? This is you having a glimpse of the 5th Dimensional vibration.
Again, our Planet is anchored in 5th Dimension! We are all Energy. As “Energy Beings” we vibrate. In order for us to be able to sustain our existence here on this Earth, we will all adjust from the lower vibration of the 3rd Dimension into the much faster vibration of the 5th; everybody who intend to stay here at least.
We begin our journey ‘destination 5th Dimension’ because we know something of it. We’ve had a taste of it. We’ve had that glimpse and want more of it; more of that peacefulness, bliss, happiness, trust, and recognition of one’s truth, wisdom and intuition … one with the flow of life. We are this essence, pure Love and Light. We recognize it. And once we know what it feels like and understand the experience of it we also recognize when it is not present in our experience. And once we do know the difference, we are on our way and the journey begins.
When we are not feeling well, not feeling in the flow of life, we should bring the awareness to the self. We need to open up, to look into the mirror and without judgment to observe our thoughts, feelings, actions and words. “What am I thinking right now? Are my thoughts supportive of me, my goals, my life and the people around me?” If the answer is no, then there is the opportunity to want to change the thoughts … the same process applies with feelings, words and actions.
The journey is a journey inward. It is not about looking at other people anymore, or pointing a finger. It is self discovery; an unraveling of old ways. Some say it is like peeling an onion, layer after layer. The layers are our programming, conditioning, learned ways of being, learned in the physical realm through life experiences.
The journey can lead from one path, which might be a specific religion, onto another path, which could be yoga, chanting, hypnosis, reading inspirational material, energy work, acupuncture, surfing etc, and then back onto a path of yet another metaphysical/spiritual scripture or belief. What I am wanting to express is that all roads lead to Rome. We can even be on numerous paths at the same time, depending on one’s commitment, preference and time. It is all about finding one’s personal truth.
The outcome is always the same: Destination 5th Dimension. Increasing our vibration. There are other names for the destination; some call it enlightenment, others call it anointing or the coming home. No matter what name, the experience is the same. The further we are along on our path the clearer it becomes that ultimately no one can do it for us. We can only observe ourselves. We can only change ourselves. We can only heal ourselves. Of course the path offers assistance. It helps us “see” and “keep us on track”.
Yes, sometimes we might loose our path because we get distracted by the temptations on the side of the road and perhaps wander into the woods. Back on the path we feel relieved because it feels right, empowering and full of purpose. We now appreciate ourselves which is the beginning of self love (not that wandering the woods is a bad thing, it can certainly remind us of where we used to be). Some of us are always wandering the woods, living in our programming not knowing any different … on automatic pilot. The difference is knowing when we are wandering the woods … amongst all the other wanderers … recognizing how the thoughts, feelings, actions and words are not supporting us anymore in what we want for ourselves and aiming for the way back onto the path. Now, some wanderers accidentally cross a path here and there, some like it, some don’t. Some are ready, some are not. Sooner or later, however, every Being will find a path that suits him … that will open up a part within him which recognizes his truth and the real reason for his coming here. Further on our path, we are truly in control of our mind, truly acting and speaking out of the heart center and finding balance and peace within the changes of the seasons.
— Within this metaphor of a Being wandering the woods without any care or interest in a path (some even feel like they don’t need it ) would be 3rd Dimensional … Beings living within their programming/conditioning, reacting out of automatic pilot and not knowing it.
— Having a serious affinity for the path and mostly striving to be on one, then sometimes taking a detour into the woods just to recognize the old habits and reactions wanting to take over again and only allowing it to a certain point, then finding the path again, would be between 3rd and 4th Dimension. This Being is finding “Tools” and trying things out.
— Walking the path, observing the woods from the path but not moving into the woods is now a Being holding the vibration between 4th and the 5th Dimension. This means the Being observing and recognizing old and unsupportive ways in the self, smiling at them and using new and supportive ways of thinking, feeling, acting and speaking. This Being has found “Tools”.
— When fully anchored in the 5th one simply “Is”. The process to a certain degree will always continue as long as we are in this “Human“ experience; but it happens almost instantly, within moments.
When I first held up the mirror and looked at myself, I started my journey initially focusing on one thing: I chose to focus on and hear every word that was coming out of my mouth. Since the word is the most powerful form of manifesting ones reality, I chose to as much as I could,( it happens over time, so patience, patience , patience) change the way I was speaking.
Keeping yourself in control by saying:“ I want to, I choose to, I would like to, I will, thank you, please, may I, could you help me, may I help you,Yes or No (nothing wrong with saying NO), I choose to/ not to, I am ….. “
And please NO MORE: “ I can’t, I have to, I need to, I should ’a, could ’a , would ‘a, any swearing, blaming, gossiping, I hate my life, why me, it’s his/her fault …..etc.
Try it, it will only better your life ! Till next time, Blessings.

Britta Dubbels