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  |   being present, healing, self love, transformation

Hello my Friend 🙂
It is easy to misperceive ended relationships, negative cash flow, business that didn’t stand the test of time or job loss as failure.       It is much easier to feel bad for ourselves and take pills to justify our low grade depressions than to shift perspective and look for what really is to learn here.  Or is it!?
The truth of the matter is that every experience is to give to us. There is no failure, there is no winning.  We may judge something as good or we may judge something as bad, the judge is always the mind and mostly the ego however.
As long as we allow our egos and old misperceptions to keep us handcuffed we will not get to feel our true experience of life.  We are pure and unconditional Love incarnated into Human bodies. Unconditional Love doesn’t judge!  It doesn’t go together, does it?
The reason for our incarnations is growth and healing, destination self realization.  Because we have accumulated much pain through the Human experience, we bring situations into our lives that allow the opening for exactly this healing.
Once we are operating as the unconditional Love Being that we really are within all Human situations and on all levels of our lives, we will see clearly why things happened the way they happened. Karmic relationship contracts expire once we have learned our lesson and accepted healing and growth from it, the old job didn’t serve us anymore, we had to learn a new relationship to and with money and the business wasn’t run in congruency with higher guidance truth.
We are here to align ourselves with our true identity through every experience.  Every challenging experience is to give to us more opportunity for this alignment.  The moment we shift our perspective and look for the healing and the growth, we free ourselves.
Free to be light, to feel the strength of our love selves.  Free to trust in our higher selves, in the universe and in source.  We are always supported, always loved unconditionally and always cheered on to shift perspective into greater alignment with truth.
Just keep shifting 🙂
Blessings, Love and Light,

Britta Dubbels