What Goes Around

  |   healing, transformation

Happy summer everyone.
I am sure all of us have heard these two sayings:

  • “What goes around comes around,” and;
  • “Do not do to others what you do not want done to you.”

Imagine our world if we could all only keep these words as personal rules in our minds!

    • Why would we ever say something negative if we did not want anybody speaking negatively about us?
    • Why would we ever harm anybody or anything if all we want is to be healthy and safe ourselves?
    • Why do we so easily think, say or do things that we wouldn’t like thought, said or done to/about us?

We do these things because of our programming/conditioning.  Here it is again, we respond by reaction rather than by conscious choice.  And yes, it is much harder to choose open communication through an open heart, to see through compassionate eyes and to practice non-judgment while standing within our truth than it is to simply react and walk away. 
Correspondingly, when we are addressed with openness by another, we immediately recognize the exceptionality of the moment and we feel worthy, happy and touched. So then, isn’t it worth practicing this for ourselves?  If so, isn’t it worth the price of focus, work, repetition and patience?
Every action has a reaction and nothing anybody can ever do stays unacknowledged on a soul level.  So then can we afford for our own well being not to be aware of the fact that what goes around truly comes around?
Can we afford not to be aware that this journey called life, which is intended to nurture our individual growth as the extensions of source, could possibly become a waste of time if we do not go for the gold? Transitively, when we do not care how we treat our brothers and sisters and other life forms including all animals and plants, we are not caring for our own development or for our own selves.
When we point a finger, three fingers point back at the self.
The work starts only by changing ourselves, never by waiting for others to change before we can feel better, before we can be nice again, or before we can be compassionate … Let’s please take responsibility for our own growth and for the well being of our own souls. Through self care, we care for all.
May all Beings on this planet have peace within their hearts, may all Beings have clean water to drink, enough food to eat and proper shelter from the elements for their safety.

Britta Dubbels