Which side of the bed do you sleep on?

  |   healing, transformation

Not too long ago my man and I were discussing on which side of his bed the crystal that I gave him for his birthday should go.
This conversation went something like this.
“Should the crystal go on the left or the right side of the bed?,” I asked. 
“You mean the right side I sleep on?,” he asked.
“You don’t sleep on the right side, you sleep on the left side,” I corrected. 
“Well standing in front of the bed, I sleep on the right side,” he insisted. 
“Yes, but when in bed you sleep on the left,” I pursued.
It really is such a great everyday example of how misunderstandings, confusions and misperceptions can occur in all areas of life.
I am sure you have experienced such a phenomenon where your sense of “how it all went down” in a situation and the other person’s sense of “how it all went down” are vastly different.  I always find it somewhat mindboggling. It can cause great frustration and even create great distance between people that generally care for each other.  As witnessed on the world stage, it wreaks even more havoc when countries are somewhat suspect of each other to begin with.
What does all this tell me?
It says that we ought to clarify. We ought to ask questions.   We ought to check our assumptions.
We ought to make an effort to understand the other person’s perspective in order to grasp completely his or her intentions so that you can respond appropriately and at very least you can agree to disagree. 
From my perspective, ultimately it is all about peaceful, unconditional co-existence on this earth.
So, even though you may not always agree with the other person’s experience, perception or opinions, by trying to understand the other you will hopefully open doors that will encourage empathy and mutual respect.
With Love and Light,

Britta Dubbels