|   change, healing, self love, transformation

Striving for wholeness is the path of enlightenment.  And yet what you are striving to become is in essence already who and what you are. It is who you always have been and who you always will be.
The path toward wholeness is a journey inward. Because the Human illusion has programmed layers upon layers covering up and distorting your already existing wholeness and light.
This journey moves deeper and deeper toward your core as you are opening up and letting the light shine into places you may have forgotten or not yet questioned. This may require a profound recognition, radical honesty in admitting to yourself something you have long denied.
The most important aspect to this wholeness is your acceptance of your origin, your source, god or greater consciousness. As you allow that divinity to love you, support you, guide you and heal you, you will feel free to illuminate all limiting aspects of yourself unconditionally.  Free to be whole, to be love and to be you….. finally ;0))).
Blessings to all.  Thank you for joining me.