“It is certain that the vibration on our planet is increasing. If life has placed change upon you, or you are sensing a call to create change, do not hesitate. The world may look chaotic, but in truth there has never been this much support energetically and spiritually to empower your transformation. You are here to play big. Allow your greatest life yet!”

Britta Dubbels


Britta Dubbels, a certified Energy Worker and Hypnotherapist, is a divine vortex for spiritual empowerment and a consciousness activist. Those who experience the vibrational harmony of her voice and her loving presence report profound release of old traumas, beliefs, and deeply transformative realizations. Britta is a “clear cognoscente” and has been channeling SOURCE information since she was a baby.  Fueled by her deep love for humanity, she empowers us to give up the “wait,” and to redefine ourselves NOW as active co-creators manifesting through conscious actions.

Born in a small village in Northern Germany, Britta was whisked to New York City at age 17 to work as a model with the prestigious Ford Agency. Following several years gracing magazine covers worldwide, Britta was eventually called to develop her innate gifts as a channel of light information in the service of humanity. She moved to California and spent years training in a number of healing modalities. To add to her existing abilities, she became an Imagery & Reiki Master and licensed hypnotherapist.  Britta studied spiritual psychology and trained with several healers and shaman. She successfully combines soul communication, soul healing and light channeling with light infused energy work, which propels the individual onto their highest potential path.

Today, Britta runs a thriving practice from her home in Sag Harbor, New York, where she works with clients in person, via phone or Skype from around the world; including many celebrated names from the worlds of fitness, beauty, wellness and publishing.  When she is not with clients, Britta writes and produces transformational media for all platforms including books, audios and video programs. A gifted communicator, she has produced four home study programs; Take Charge & Get What You Want, Awakened Mom, Journey into Origin, Spiritual Strength Training and the just-released Light-Power-Action program.  Britta also produces a weekly podcast, called “The Illumination Game,” where she invites listeners to try on an easy day to day approach and understanding of spirituality.