Guided Meditations

Guided Audio Meditations

Visualizations & Activations

Welcome to my offerings to assist your process and strengthening.

All of these recordings are great gifts to yourself and loved Ones. When it comes to inner healing, learning and growth, repetition is the key to success as you embody more deeply and fully your highest light empowerment.

These recordings are like water wearing down a rock, the water being your illumination and the rock being your old and unsupportive patterns.

All of the offerings will assist and compliment our session work together.

More about the Online Sessions

The recordings used are powerful. She uses images, listening to her is like watching a move that will active your senses. Changes happens in the dept. Her voice is sweet and joyful and indeed in the same time emanate strength and determination. She is an ancient goddess of the modern Era. No questioning anymore. She uses words that will resonate in you. Without pushing, without efforts just listening you will change. Still now time to times resonate in me her words from the past recordings . She has always been so true in her intuition. Working with her is an amazing experience. PS the recordings can be used daily or when required some Jing of support. Try, you will love them.

L. Michelle

Breath, Grounding + Mental Clarity


Visualization Meditation

This 18 min. Mp3 will provide you with the necessary guidance for a deep and solid grounding experience. Proper grounding is the foundation to your joy, inner freedom and ascension.
Let your Breath become your new best friend and steady companion as you learn to Master your Mind. Use this practice daily for best results, as your subconscious only learns through imagery and repetition. Enjoy.

Embody Your Light


Ascension Activation

This 26 min. Mp3 will assist you with your Light identification and alignment. Your true Self is this Divine Light and ascension work means to embody it, which will result in authentic joy, flow, ease, wisdom, inner strength, clarity, inspiration… need I say more? This mp3 is an activation, which will deepen your light embodiment with time and open you to your deepest truths. As all bodies including your subconscious will recondition with this recording, repetition is your friend. Listen to this recording daily and align with your Eternal Divine Self.

Feeling Safe through the Changes


Hypnosis Meditation

This 34 min. Mp3 is your “must-have” self-support through Transformational times. Change is inevitable and to choose your inner growth to inspire the outer growth is where your power lies. Hypnosis is one of the greatest modalities to assist lasting change and growth. Give yourself permission to journey to your special place and let yourself merge with your innate safety and the fearlessness of your soul. Listen to this recording at night as the last thing you hear and visualize before going to sleep. Repeat for 21 days.

Magical Healing Pool


Hypnosis Activation

This 38 min. Mp3 is designed for deep healing and rebalancing purposes. You will not only feel light and relaxed like emerging from a deep revitalizing bath but you will also regain your sense of clarity. The hypnotic state promotes the state of homeostasis, which is a natural healing space for the physical body. In this journey you will get to open all of your bodies, including auric bodies, while floating in a pool of conscious water to promote the same consciousness adjustments to your physical bodies water (about 85% of your body). This recording is an activation and it will continuously upgrade your light vibration into health and balance. Listen to this recording every night as the last thing you take in before you go to sleep. Repeat for a minimum of 21 days.

Divine Creativity and Manifestation


Manifestation Activation

This 26 min. Mp3 is a channeled manifestation activation, guided by Goddess Isis. Your are to trust your Infinite Light Self as you courageously step into the Unknown of the New Paradigm and learn to create from your Highest Guidance. This activation passes through the Heart Chakra to assure purest intentions and clarity. This recording is an activation, so the more often you work with it, the further your light frequencies will open and align you. Leave your thoughts, beliefs and old ideas about what you want/ need to manifest to the side and allow your higher self to reveal your soul’s path to you. It is time to live, work and manifest from your Feminine Energy and to follow your unfolding.

Your Feminine Energy

$9.95 (reduced price from $19.95)

Ascension Visualization

This 28 min. Mp3 is a must have recording to work with and practice everyday. This is why I am offering this mp3 at a reduced price. Everybody needs to learn, rebalance and recondition to the Ascension energy of the Feminine Energy within. It doesn’t matter which gender you identify with or if you identify as neutral. While in human form we have the two main energies of the masculine and feminine to consciously balance and understand. We all have been predominantly conditioned with the masculine energy, which is the energy to navigate earth. But now that we are ascending it is time to learn and create comfort with the feminine energy because she is the opening to your soul guidance, intuition and eternal light. Work with this recording daily, repetition is the Mother of SUCCESS.