All the ancients have learned it, all the masters, avatars and spiritual teachers have said it: “You must master your mind. Your mind can either be your greatest asset or your greatest enemy”.
How you perceive experiences and how you mentally react to them is learned or “programmed” behavior. Modern psychology refers to it as “conditioning”.
This conditioning is manifest within your brain in form of neuro wiring. You can change or re-program your own conditioned perceptions (neuro wiring) to a healthier, “bigger picture perspective.” This may take some time and serious commitment on your part but the outcome is priceless!
Think about the concept that every thought manifests, not only within your own biology but also within your reality and experience of life.

Your Mind is your greatest tool.

Looking through the “bigger picture perspective” means you are open to infinite possibilities manifesting.

If it makes sense to you that you are here to manifest/create your own reality then it must seem plausible that anything is possible – science is proving this.  The energetic grid, which connects us all, holds infinite possibility and space for us to claim and manifest into. You are this infinite possibility energy yourself!!! This is the bigger picture perspective.

Remember what it was like to be a child?  You most likely existed within the bigger picture perspective naturally.  Anything was possible, you were naturally open to magic and mystery. You most likely couldn’t believe or stand when you heard adults speak in limited or fearful ways and noticed to yourself that it wasn’t true because within the bigger picture perspective you saw and knew the infinite possibilities that were available to everyone.

Now as adults you do not even have to buy into “magic” or “mystery” anymore, science is doing it for you! Infinite possibility is yours to manifest into by choosing the bigger picture perspective again and again.

Yes, it takes time and patience and yes it takes faith in this “infinite possibility” bigger picture perspective but you knew it was possible back then! Well, it still is possible!

Any thoughts that tell you “it is not possible” are the byproduct of negative conditioning. There is positive conditioning and negative conditioning. It is your job to find your own individual negative and positive conditioning and know the difference when it is happening. You are infinite possibility (science is proving this) so negative conditioning is not who you are and it is not true!

It is the opposite of a bigger picture perspective and infinite possibility. You must align yourself with who you are again – infinite possibility here to manifest your heart’s desires by choosing the bigger picture perspective.  The things you may dream possible for yourself may not be possible tomorrow but with the right commitment, focus and patience anything is possible.  You are surrounded by infinite possibilities at all times.

Mastering your mind is you taking back the “driver seat”.  It is you recognizing the old/negative conditioning and saying “No” to it.  You may have to say “No” to it many, many times over because you allowed the negative conditioning to run your life and build on itself.  Years of old/negative conditioning will need some time to untangle and re-program.  What this untangling is doing is you peeling away the layers of old, negative perceptions (neuro wiring), which have closed you off from the infinite possibility – bigger picture perspective.

The more you untangle and master your mind the more you open back up to the purity and clarity which was yours to begin with as a child.

This is why you must say “NO” to negative thoughts and master your mind.  Not only must you say “NO” to negative thoughts and old negative conditioning, in order to truly master your mind you must also practice clarity of mind.

Clarity of mind, which may be practiced through the use of meditation (walking, sitting, active or quiet, depending on who you are) will promote separation from the conditioning.  It will give you the opportunity to get to know and reinforce the positive conditioning and separate from the negative conditioning in order to claim what is rightfully yours: -to be the master of your mind by -choosing your conditioning because every thought, choice or belief becomes conditioning and -align yourself with your essence of infinite possibilities by choosing the bigger picture perspective as often as possible.