Spirituality knows no color, size, belief, religion or sexual orientation.
Spirituality is a state of “being.” It is a state of “being” your true self.

What is this state of “being”?
The state of “being” I am talking about is the result of using the breath, being present, practicing clarity of mind, non-judgment, compassion, and forgiveness. In short, letting go of the illusion and aligning the self with the true self.

We are infinite Love and Light incarnated. In our essence, we are always in the state of “being.” Ultimately, we are here in our bodies to find our true selves again and enjoy the state of “being” while in a human Body.

Spirituality is for everyone.

Spirituality really means to refer back to the true self. One does not need to belong to any belief group or religion in order to be spiritual.
One does not need to be in a “designated” place in order to be spiritual either. Spirituality is a state of “being.”

Spirituality happens through reverence for nature for example. It is present when relating to another Being with love and kindness. It is in the enjoyment of music, art, friends, good stories, sharing a meal, laughter and love. Spirituality is the enjoyment of life and the senses in a balanced way. Life is meant to be honored; it is a blessing to have a body.

Spirituality can be brought into any “doing” of life because it is a state of “being.” Since the state of “being” does not depend on the situation, but the perspective, one could be locked up in a prison cell like Nelson Mandela and still feel free of spirit.

In other words, operating out of the true self while taking care of “chores” is making the mundane holy. Imagine folding laundry or washing the dishes and being in that state of “being.” What a difference.

Spirituality also means “doing the work”. It means mastering the mind, since the key to a peaceful existence is a calm and clear mind. Only a clear mind will support the peaceful state of “being”.

In other words, to make the decision to be spiritual is not enough. This will not give peace and calm automatically. The commitment to work for the state of “being” and to keep getting back to it is what spirituality really is.

Nothing can be taken for granted or expected just because it is of a “true self” or “essence self” nature. The choice of spirituality and “being” will require work because the opposition, the illusion, is so easy, so present, and lurking behind every corner.
The illusion will always be there waiting to manipulate and influence again. It is the state of “being” and choosing spirituality which holds the rewards and blessings in every way.