A Little Love in your Heart

  |   healing, transformation

I woke up this morning, singing in my mind:
“put a little love in your heart … ”
Where the memory of this song came from I have no idea!
I haven’t heard this song in ages; I can’t even recall who sings it! : ) What I do know is that I went to bed last night asking for my inspiration for this month’s blog and whoop here it is. : )
September was a challenging month for many.  Mercury was in retrograde for the most part of September.  Generally speaking people’s lives have been and are feeling very intense.  This is why “putting a little love in your heart” is such a great idea.
How do you put a little love in your hear?  By giving love to another Being or to yourself. Giving Love will always make you feel better.  Of course I am talking about unconditional giving, giving without any expectation for a return.
Please note that I am not suggesting to only give, give and give to the point of depleting yourself.  We always want to keep in mind: “everything in balance.”  And the ultimate balance is in the balance of giving and receiving.
But back to putting a little love in your heart by giving loving support to someone in need for example, reach out and communicate, give a hug, listen, buy somebody a flower or a movie ticket … whatever you decide to do, do it in the intention of giving love and people will receive it : )
If you choose to give to yourself you can do so by making time for yourself, take yourself out on a date, doing what you have been wanting to do or give yourself attention by being with yourself and breathing … whatever it may be remember to have it within the intention of giving Love to yourself.
How you choose to give this Love and to whomever is up to you. The important thing is to give this love with complete detachment to receiving anything in return at all.  Do this for yourself to be Love, to act Love, to speak Love; to bring Love into your experience.  Because we can never as long as we are in these Human bodies focus on Love enough. 
After all, only Love heals, only Love clears and only Love makes you feel happy. 
So why not focus on the solution, the eternal medicine and find ways to have it grow!?
I guess this months message is short but sweet:
“put a little love’ in your heart …”
(means I see the light in you)