|   self love, transformation
What a powerful concept.
It infers freedom from oppression, freedom from co-dependency, freedom from need and even freedom from attachments.
It gives us permission to be free from the “we” or the “oneness” of our essence and play human on a journey for just a little time.
Contrary to many spiritualists, I am a great believer in the “I”.  Surely, the “I” may mark the ego, as it keeps us separate but isn’t being separate, individual and singular in our earthly bodies exactly why we came here?
Obviously we are all one,
we have covered this and the oneness of all beings is the ultimate state of consciousness, yes.
However, here on earth, one can only truly serve the whole by fully embracing the experience of “I”.
So if the “I” infers ego, what is so bad about that?
Why is everybody so afraid of the ego?
The ego is built in,
the ego is apart of this human experience and the ego has a positive side to it,
like anything else.
The positive side of the ego says things like, “get up, dust yourself off and try again.”  It says, “you can do this, don’t give up now, believe in yourself!”
The ego is your natural cheerleader and belongs to your “I”.
Through the individuality of being different, dancing to the beat of your own drum, following your truth, no matter what others say…only by being yourself, can you fulfill your independence and inner freedom.
 True independence is the fearless pursuit and exploration of yourself as “I”.
You are here to be the independent creator within the co-creation of light consciousness.  This is your journey!
You are here to be independent and you owe it to yourself to stand out!
There is nothing spiritual about following or blending in.
Fitting in is then in and of itself ego, just in reversed form.
Independence has to have ego, otherwise independence wouldn’t be able to thrive in it’s uniqueness and difference.
But and here is the big BUT,
the ultimate independence is in the co-creation with one’s
divine guidance.
Independence guided by the ego will never end well nor will it take the individual soul into it’s fulfillment or purpose. Independence can only truly find it’s full glory if and when this independence gets guided by ones inner light and it’s authenticity.  And this is where the ego gets trained to support the human experience in alignment with the inner voice.
This is where you get to teach your ego to trust your inner knowing and feeling sensory, as your soul’s communication and most important reference point.
You are the boss of you and you get to direct your ego’s attention inward.
Point your ego away from your thoughts and into your knowing.  Become one with this inner relationship, so that even your ego feels useful and apart of a greater mission.
The mission of total independence, while dancing in the web of oneness –
with the light, as the light and for the light.
So get your ego on a leash,
train it to support your inner guidance and have fun being the creator you have come here to be.
Surrender to your light guidance –
make your ego trust it!
And then have fun in letting your colors shine bright.
With blessings of love and light to you and yours,