Love more!

  |   being present, breath, healing, self love, transformation


Love more!


Love more… such easy words to put down onto paper or type with the computer.  

Truth is, love doesn’t always come easy or naturally.  We are so conditioned to protect ourselves, pull up walls or attack and get angry, for example. 

Love takes work and for most, it requires a daily practice. 


Of course, love is our essence and infinite nature!

And this is exactly why we have come here to earth –

to practice love. 


Nobody said it would be easy… . But what is the easiest way into love?


Feeling is love and love is feeling. 

And “yes,” this means everything!


How else would we practice, if not through the disappointments, the hurts, the losses, or judgments? 

I’ve gotten really good at feeling through the different pains of earthly life with compassion and as the infinite love that I am. 

I do not resist or fear deep pain anymore….

my personal challenge still is and has been Patience.

Love is patient! 

SO, SO, So Patient! 

Hahaha…..yup, and that’s what the universe has been gifting me with… lot’s of practice in patience. 😉 

In the end, we all have our personal challenges and those are exactly the areas in which we get to practice love. 

You know your personal areas of challenge… everybody does.

So for this New Year of 2019-

 I invite you to….

make feeling more, feeling deeper, feeling fearlessly, feeling unconditionally and feeling openly –

your personal practice into more LOVE! 

This means feeling through the resistance of the old behavioral patterning and resistances of fear walls. This means breathing deeply and slowly into the depth of your eternal reservoir that is an ocean of forgiveness.

This means feeling your heart’s desires and soul’s guidance, and honoring this above all else. <3

Love is present. Love is truth and love is clarity.

It is the ultimate

 strength and empowerment to gain and achieve whilst in human form. 😉


I am wishing you a magical, caring and deeply feeling 2019!!!


With blessings of love and light to you and yours,