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The art of slowing down

On Easter, the concept of slowing down goes perfectly with this Holiday. Unwinding and slowing down could be compared to your personal resurrection.  Every time you make a point to take time and connect with your inner self, you revive yourself, you breathe new life into...

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08 May
  |   self love, transformation


Independence. What a powerful concept. It infers freedom from oppression, freedom from co-dependency, freedom from need and even freedom from attachments. It gives us permission to be free from the "we" or the "oneness" of our essence and play human on a journey for just a little time. Contrary...

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22 September
  |   being present, breath, change, transformation

Stay in Love

  Even though Valentine's Day is a made up and commercialized holiday, it is one of my favorite holidays.  I am a sucker for love and believe in the power of love.  Surely, this includes romantic love but love is much bigger than that! To me,...

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14 March
  |   healing, transformation

Humbly powerful.

Humbly powerful. Power without humility is inauthentic and humility without power is inauthentic as well; inauthentic to ones soul that is. To the earthly brain these two qualities may appear as polar opposites but truthfully we must recondition ourselves away from the old perceptions. Both attributes, power &...

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28 September
  |   change, transformation

Communicate yourself into connection.

The deepest yearning that all of us souls share is the need for love, acceptance and connection. Yet the feeling of connection often seems to disappear when communication fails, taking with it the experience of love and acceptance. All of us know what it feels like...

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03 November
  |   healing, self love, transformation

Freedom to love.

  Freedom to love. "It isn't about who you love but how you love", said Lennon.      I agree with John 100%. Who we love isn't the issue; in the end nobody can give us permission but ourselves.   Gay, straight or whatever other preference there may be. The...

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28 August