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Commitment is a big word and applicable to all areas of life.  We know commitment to a person in a romantic relationship but we also know the importance of commitment to a cause or one's purpose. Commitment appears to have been on a downswing for the...

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08 May
  |   self love, transformation


Independence. What a powerful concept. It infers freedom from oppression, freedom from co-dependency, freedom from need and even freedom from attachments. It gives us permission to be free from the "we" or the "oneness" of our essence and play human on a journey for just a little time. Contrary...

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22 September
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Undying Love.

Undying love. The more you love, the more love you have to give. There is and never will be a shortage of love. Love is the essence of your soul and source.  It is what this universe is made of. However, on this journey through life, we often get...

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28 September
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Judgment We have all been conditioned to judge and many people want to defend their right to have “good judgment,” as they find it necessary for their navigation through life. Yet through the eyes of spirit, judgment is the absence of love and acceptance. Seeing through the...

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01 May
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What is Love?

What is Love? Happy Valentine’s Day my Friends. How could I ignore the red heart shaped candy boxes and big-eyed teddy bears in every store, and not write about Love? We all have experienced the butterflies in our stomachs, the romantic thoughts that keep us from focusing on...

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21 February
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Freedom to love.

  Freedom to love. "It isn't about who you love but how you love", said Lennon.      I agree with John 100%. Who we love isn't the issue; in the end nobody can give us permission but ourselves.   Gay, straight or whatever other preference there may be. The...

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28 August