A spiritual perspective on Boston.

  |   change, healing, transformation

Blessings, Love and Light to Boston.                                                                                                                                                                                  Our hearts go out to all who suffer.
When my 9 year old daughter came home from school yesterday I asked her how she felt about what happened in Boston.                   She replied: “It is very scary mom and I feel really bad for the people.  I think that whoever did it is really stupid and negative and couldn’t control themselves.”
Our compassion extends itself to the ones hurt and the families and friends of those who have passed or are injured.   We feel their pain and the horror of an innocent and beautiful event being violated.  Most people had beautiful intentions and ran for a cause.     It was a positive event, filled with loving support, friends and families cheering on the runners; until it got disrupted by violence.
Who did it?  Who would do such a thing? And why?                                                                                                                                                            Whoever did it is not in a healthy place.  No human who has a happy heart and a peaceful mind would cause harm to others, period. Anybody who causes harm to another Being is mentally, emotionally and spiritually in the wrong place and disconnected from the “right” place.  The amount of suffering has never been greater on our planet.  From my spiritual perspective of Oneness consciousness, it is this “disconnect” that causes the pain in the first place.
Science is confirming and proving to us that we are One!  We are energetically interconnected and literally One.  Any harm or negativity we cause or wish upon another, we cause and wish upon ourselves.  The time has come to think as One, to act as One and to feel as One.  It is necessary to teach this Oneness because modern science and spirituality are One and teaching us new truths. (Not really new but new to most Humans).  It is up to us to listen and learn; and to use it positively.
Therefore we must extend our Love and Light wishes not only to the ones who were hurt, suffering and shocked but also to the ones who did it.  We have to stop the cycle of drama, violence, blame, hatred, fear and focus on love.                                                              Only love heals!  Love is the only answer.
“May their pain and suffering be healed.  May they find peace and connection to their light.”
Lets stand as One in Healing and Love. We are the masses, we hold the strength and the power in numbers; If we only focus on our Oneness, Love and Light as strength. Science is confirming that we create our reality and that what we focus on manifests.  This is the only way we will transcend the fear/negativity into love and light experience on our beloved planet.
It is a challenging shift for us Humans because this perspective seems so “far out”.  I invite you to sit with it, resonate with it.  Research quantum physics. Find the truth!  Do not stay stuck in fear and drama.  Move beyond it, rise above.  The time has come.
Blessings, Love and Light to all Beings.