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Namaste Everybody.
I would like to connect April’s blog to the one from March where I quoted Gandhi, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”
In order to create change on any level it requires acceptance, acceptance of what is in this very moment.  It brings awareness to the moment which propels the desire to create change.
Acceptance is yet another amazing tool.  By allowing what is in the moment and by being at peace with exactly what is, one practices trust … trust in the Divine self and the Divine all around.  Understanding that the entire “Human” experience is an Illusion, a playground for Us Divine Incarnations to manifest into exactly what we desire.  What do you desire?  What do you wish to manifest?  Of course we want to keep the purest of intentions.
Accepting what is present is receiving the moment’s lesson which in effect erases judgment.  And if this is what I am experiencing at this moment it is here for a reason.  Embrace the experience regarding it perhaps as simply a “stepping stone to what is to come next:  Peace, Love, Health, Joy, Abundance, Patience, Compassion …
The key to acceptance is to steadfastly maintain such throughout the entire process of manifesting what is to come next.  It can take time to transition from one experience into the next.  Whining, complaining and resisting the current experience is hardly accepting and will only keep it around longer, for it is the experience that is to be absorbed at this very moment for a particular reason :). 
All this to say that once you’ve set your mind on change, know that it may take time.  It’s the process in the “waiting” that will transport you.  Remain patient in allowing the current situation to have meaning and purpose.  Even if it is uncomfortable and you are growing tired of it, remember that it is here to teach you.  What is present in the moment is not only the catalyst into wanting to create something “better” for yourself, it is also the reminder of that this is what you have created!
Whatever you are experiencing in the moment, whether it is dis-ease, lack of abundance, depression etc., accept in the fact that you not only agree to it, but that you created it.  Accepting that you and only you are responsible for your life and your world is taking responsibility in saying, “Yes, this is what I did create and now I also accept the fact that I can change it.”  So, trying to learn what ended up manifesting the current situation may help you move on from it (for example not speaking up for yourself or living a dishonest life or not following and listening to your internal guidance….there could be plenty of reasons why.)  It is important to get to this very core,  to take responsibility in what you did or didn’t do to create this current situation in order to change yourself and your behavior.
And again, yes it may take some time to transition and manifest this change!  This is where acceptance is so soothing.  Allowing life to be about the journey, reminding oneself that there is no destination!  No experience is bad in the bigger picture point of view!!!  Every, and I mean EVERY experience is present for one reason only: to use it as a gentle nudge from the Divine to remind you to become more of who you already are:  a Divine Being, having a Human experience, here to manifest your heart’s desires for yourself and the Oneness that you are a part of.
So you see, accepting what is as your own doing is actually empowering in itself.  It is the opening into your Manifesting Divine Self. It is a reminder that says “Hey, look at the mess I created for myself by not paying attention.”  Without judgment, allowing this present experience to become a tool for  wanting to go deeper into healing, loving, honoring your SELF, the precious Being whom you really are, one with all that is, Pure Light, here to shine! 
Love and Light,