All is Well

  |   healing, transformation

Happy New Year everybody.
Do you remember one of my earlier blogs with the subject of the 5th dimension?  Well, it’s happening!
The year 2008 is the beginning of the energy shifts which will come to completion by 2012.  There will be much talk and controversy regarding this subject not all of which will be positive.  People have the tendency to instill fear and worry.  Please do not buy into it!!!  If you experience fear and worry , take a moment to breathe and come back into trusting, trusting that all is well.  And all will be well.
The most important thing to remember is “letting go”… letting go of any attachments you might have.  Money comes and goes, relationships come and go, possessions come and go, illness come and go … of course we all want it all … and we will have it all, as long as we accept all and expect nothing.  It is time to stand at that cliff, jump and start flying.
And here we are coming back to trust.  How can I trust that I will be able to fly?  How? Trust is a big concept.  But what really is it to trust in one’s self?  How can one trust in another Human or in the Human aspect of the self without having any expectations?  It is a set up for disappointment.  The real trust wants to be in the divine … in the true essence of the self.  Trust in knowing that this essence (energy/ light/ consciousness) is from whence you came, to where you will return and that it is present within the Human. 
Our breathe and meditation take us out of our programming/conditioning giving us the feeling of floating above and looking down on our third dimensional reality.  It lifts the veils which conceal the divine within us and within the essence of life. So trust comes from knowing that beyond our human programming, that we are the divine and the more we tap into that reality, the more we can trust ourselves.
What are the characteristics of the divine? The divine is entirely unaffected by human programming and events.  The divine places no expectations and sees endless possibility.  So one might want to get to know oneself from the outside in to recognize that our worries and fears can be slipped off like an old coat. 
What is revealed by looking from the outside is that we are far greater than the physical, so far more powerful than we’ve been allowed to imagine. Ironically, we then understand from the inside that our divineness, our soul if you will, is anchored in our every cell, assimilated in our energetic body where our work is to be focused.
Perhaps it is time to ask oneself some questions.  Who am I as that divine Being within this human experience?  How can I recognize my programming and reevaluate my choices?  How would my outer divine handle this situation, what would I say as this essence?  How would I communicate and express myself, operating out of my essence?    How will I spend my time and with whom?    Etc… .
The key here is to have fun with this exploration trying to internalize the divine.  To play with it.  To act it out.  And of course to remain present within the human self as well.  Enjoying all that the illusion has to offer.  It is a blessing to be here.  It is about the experience of being limitless and having this planet be our playground.  Your essence is excited to be here. 
So anytime you are experiencing discomfort, go with it.  Go with the changes, fearlessly.  Remember what you always have been and always will be.  Nothing, no matter how painful at times is worth holding on to. Remember, nothing is as permanent as change.  Resisting change is a guarantee for suffering.
Remember that divinity that is within you is also all around you!  Coordinating, orchestrating, protecting and supporting you all the time!!!  Trust in it and enjoy the ride, because this is and will be the only way to go!  This self awareness is going to be the difference between suffering and cruising! 
The energy shift is all about, bringing the focus back into the core of the self.  These changes will be complete by 2012.  So the sooner one holds an intention of finding the experience of “Oneness” with all of Humanity (science is proving, that “energetically, we are literally one”) , the sooner all of us will find peace in our hearts.
Destination “ Self Awareness”, let’s get to it.
P.S. Please … take a moment … and breathe!!!