Ask for what you want!

  |   change, healing, self love, transformation

You must declare to God, the Universe, Source, your partner, your friend, your co-worker, etc. what it is you want.
I grew up not being able to ask for much.  My mom was a single mom, working 2-3 jobs to be able to pay the bills, my dad was unavailable, so I learned or got programmed not to ask for things. Only later in life did I re-learn or re-program myself to express myself and better yet to ask for what I want and need.  And let me tell you, it is so important to express your desires in every way!
When you ask for what you want, need and desire out loud to God as well as to your fellow Humans, you are honoring yourself.           You deserve everything your heart desires. Of course you need to know what it is you really want and desire.  Sometimes it may be a great idea to make a list of everything you desire.  Make it a “wish list” or “list of desires”. Go into specifics.
Speak the words out loud: “I am ready and open to receive …X….Y….Z….. in every way and on all levels; this or something better.”
Imagine the Universe as a great big restaurant where you must speak your orders in order to be heard, so you may receive them 😉                 Have fun speaking your orders, own what you want and deserve.  And hold onto the positive expectation that your order will be up as soon as possible. It is a Universal law.
Have a blessed day,
Love and Light,