Authentically Empowered

  |   healing, transformation

I would like to dedicate this blog to help clear up some misconceptions about what the word “powerful” means and relate a bit on what this word means to me.
Anybody who knows me has most likely heard me use the words “authentically empowered”.  It is not only important to me personally but also to my work’s intention: to assist Beings into their authentic empowerment.  What I have come across in the process of this work has been quite interesting and worthy of sharing.
It turns out that many people associate the word “powerful” with a rather dark/negative force vs. a light/positive one.  I relate this perception to past experiences with power where it was enforced through some kind of abuse whether that may have been yelling, screaming, hitting, intimidating, belittling, etc. This perceived “power” felt dark or negative to these individuals because the results of it were most likely disempowering to the receiver and empowering to the giver. 
Many of my clients express feelings of fear of themselves and have a difficult time even conceptualizing who they would be as authentically empowered Human Beings.  Since power is seen as a negative force, some experience trepidation that they would do bad things if and when so empowered.
In my work, I help clients redefine their perceptions of power so they can first understand and conceptualize authentic empowerment … and then we can begin the work to help move them to that place.
“Authentic empowerment” does not hurt or harm other Beings.  It does not divide Beings into “better-than” or “worse-than”.  It does not feed the ego and it does not manipulate.  It does not overpower and it does not intimidate. It does not abuse or misuse its power and it does not create negative Karma(after all, everything that goes around will come around!)
So what does this shift in perspective look like!? Authentic empowerment is strong and truthful.  At the same time it is humble and kind. Operating out of a place of authentic empowerment sets clear boundaries to honor the worth of the self and others and respects all other perspectives without judgment and it does not adjust or betray this self-truth in order to please another.
It takes practice of course to keep the balance of honoring the truth and boundaries of self and others, to communicate wants and desires calmly as well as hearing the wants and desires within all relationships unconditionally.  This means, you should not take it personally if another is not in alignment with your truth; you may need a re-evaluation your relationship with this individual to try to find an appropriate place of unconditional co-existence.
It can be a balancing act for some time but the results are magnificent.  I have been blessed to witness this growth within many clients and Beings around the world.  Authentically empowered people who are in alignment with their truth, manifesting Love and Light in all areas of their lives as well as spilling it over and creating positive change for this  planet.
May the force be with you, always!
With Love and Light,