|   healing, transformation

Greetings everybody.
Just as the day turns to night,
As the yling has it’s ylang,
and  black has it’s counter opposite in white,
so do all earthly things find their balance through the opposite.

This month’s blog is about BALANCE.
Let’s look at the so called “roller coaster” of emotions as an example. If the high is an imbalanced one (improper perspective), or unnaturally induced, one will subsequently fly as low as she did high.
Coming from the perspective of a balanced and peaceful inner zest for life, we want to understand that we don’t need to engage into extreme thrills or deep drama. Even though “yes”, all emotions must be acknowledged and felt, as emotions are the spice of life, I’d like to help you see more clearly the difference between riding the roller coaster and embracing to feel everything in a conscious, balanced way.  The latter involves, feeling without judgment. 
My October ’07 Blog focuses on how negative thoughts fuel negative emotions.  Take a minute to look over it now if you like.  Feeling everything without swirling around in your mind the thoughts, explanations or reasons as to why you are feeling a certain way is the approach you may want to consider.  Once the emotions have passed or subsided, you will feel that you have an opportunity to make a conscious choice.
You have choice!  If you truly want to live life in a balanced state and re-teach yourself to remain conscious and not aboard the roller coaster, you truly can!
Consider that the roller coaster imbalance is something that you do unconsciously.  It is a programming within your subconscious. As within all growth, you want to understand that the first step is awareness.
Your next step is to observe yourself when such unconsciousness is about to happen, is happening or directly after it happens. As you intercept your roller coaster ride, sit down and breathe into your emotions.  Consciously and unconditionally keep practicing to remain conscious as the roller coaster is calling your name.  BREATHE and remember what you want! You want to live your life in a more balanced and more peaceful way.  The more you focus on what you want the better you will get at it.  Remember it takes practice, patience and repetition.
By the way, a peaceful, balanced and happy emotional state makes for a powerful life experience.  It is the difference between juvenile behavior and empowered adulthood.  
Allow your scales to balance out within any area of your life as you are consciously choosing to not get onto any one of your personal roller coaster that tries to entice you in the many areas of your life.  As your scales balance, you’ll find yourself still taking those rides, but through your conscious recognition and interception, they will become less and less extreme and occur less frequently.  In time you will find yourself embracing a healthy choice of acknowledging events in your life as well as your emotional responses to them in an  empowered, in-control fashion, just as you knew you could.
Happy Valentine’s Day!
Love and Light,