Be powerful!

  |   change, healing, self love, transformation

Fun 10-10-10 186
Marianne Williamson said “It is not our darkness that frightens us but our light”.  You know this to be true!
Imagine yourself brighter, lighter, stronger,  authentically empowered and filled to the brim with self-esteem and self-love.  What would you do?  Or better yet, what wouldn’t you do? Who would you be if you let your true power shine?   You can see where I am getting at, yes?
Fact is, you aren’t in your full empowerment yet!  Almost nobody is! You have to grow into it, it doesn’t shift from 0 – 100 overnight.  It is a process. A big aspect of this shifting is you not being afraid of your power.  You won’t abuse it because your heart is open and you will monitor yourself. Others may disapprove, get jealous or simply feel threatened by your light but guess what, too bad!
Think of a person whom you admire, a person who is balanced in their masculine and feminine power; such power is beautiful, isn’t it.  It is attractive, magnetic and inspiring.  It is time for you to reveal your power. Find the images and feelings of how you will be, act, speak, think and how it feels to be fully open to life!  You owe it to yourself, to Humanity and to our beloved planet.
You are an extension of source, you are made in God’s like, you are infinite possibilities incarnate.  Yes, of course you are powerful beyond measure and now the time has come for you to focus on it.  Remember you are energy and what you focus on grows, it is what you feed.  So feed your light and be who you have come here to be, powerful beyond measure!
With gratitude, love and light,