Be the light!

  |   healing, transformation

Be the Beam of Light!
May 2011 bring health, strength, abundance, purpose and wisdom to all!
Imagine yourself as an extension of source.   Wherever you perceive source to be, whatever you feel comfortable naming it.  You are an extension of it, you are a part of it, connected with it at all times.
See source shining bright, happy, graceful, pure love and light.
This is what the Buddha said before he died: “Be the light.”
Be the light!  I invite you to come on this visualization journey with me.
Get comfortable and take a few deep, slow breaths.

  • Visualize this source light-vibration connecting through the top of your head (crown chakra), then;
  • Visualize this source light-vibration cascading down the back of your head, into and through your spine, and then;
  • Visualize this source light-vibration flowing out through the base of your spine (root chakra) through a grounding cord into the centerpiece of Mother earth; then
  • Visualize yourself redirecting a portion of this light in the direction a person or towards an uncomfortable situation.

Ah, you’ve done it!  You are a beam of light – a direct extension of source … always connected.  Allow it to continue running through you.
As this beam of light you have access to very pure love and light energy; it can also be described as a very fast vibration.  Faster (higher) vibration nullifies slower (lower) vibration.
We (extensions of source) come into this earth experience in order to bring in the highest and fastest vibration possible. It will first come through the beam of light and anchor into the earth.  Then this vibration extends outward into our bodies.  There is the physical body, the energetic body, the emotional body and the mental body.
Go ahead continue visualizing.

  • Imagine this love and light vibration filling out your physical body, extending outward for about the size of the length of your arm.  These are your outer bodies.
  • Fill out your entire space with love vibration.
  • Expand your essence self into your entire space.  This is your space to shine in.
  • Now you look like a bubble surrounding the beam, can you imagine it?
  • Besides the beam of light you already established, visualize or imagine this source vibration coming out through the bottoms of your feet and growing roots.  Grow deep roots, deeply down into Mother Earth, like a tree. Out through these roots release any and all tension or blocks you may be aware of.

The ultimate goal, and visualization, will be when all of us, all 6.5 billion of us, as extensions of source, are bringing in the highest vibration available, extending beyond our own bodies into the energy grid which connects us all.  Imagine all of us “Humans” vibrating in the highest vibration extending into each other, connecting into one big web of light and love vibration!
From a spiritual perspective, and from my perspective this is the greatest outcome possible.  This is what the bible in my opinion has referred to as “1000 years of heaven on earth.”
How do we consciously bring in this fast vibration in order to fill out the web?                                                                          First, you can practice visualizing this event.  The more you and others visualize this web of love and light forming and coming together, the greater the probability of this web manifesting sooner than later.
Second, you want to focus on yourself. The only way through which we are able to bring in this higher and faster vibration is to consciously choose to do so and do the work.  What is this work?  It is you aligning yourself with your essence (source) by healing and releasing the fears, judgments, angers, resentments, guilt, shame, blame, etc.  Combined, these elements of your consciousness create an illusion that exemplifies the story of all the perceptions you have ever perceived.
The more you have your thoughts, words and actions be in alignment with source love and light consciousness, the greater the increase of light vibration within you.
Let’s shine our light.  Be the beam.  Be the light!
We are all here together to enjoy this earth play and shine together.
Blessings to all and Namaste!