Being present

  |   healing, others, transformation

To be present has never been as important as it is now … in the present ;0)))
Smiles…. Seriously.
I know the word “change” has been used to exhaustion by everybody lately but it is one of the most useful words to describe our current state on this planet.  Everything is changing, as always, but what is different  is that changes comes now each day with escalating frequency. 
Energy vibrations are increasing which can be a great thing as long we are selective in our intake.  To do so, and to consistently, comfortably evolve and not get overwhelmed in this environment, we must stay present.
I have been asked this question a lot lately: “What does it really mean to stay present?”  To me, it means to:

  • not allow your thoughts to overly occupy you in the past or the future.
  • not indulge in worry thoughts
  • observe the quality of your thoughts and to stop them if you are perhaps beating yourself up or are pointing a finger at others (keep your thoughts supportive)
  • feel all emotions deeply and unconditionally but don’t let them lead you to react (at least not immediately).

It is most important for you to stay present or in the moment with  yourself.  If things are changing rapidly in your life or things aren’t working in the way you would like them, you will encounter old triggers.  You will most likely have fearful thoughts: worry thoughts, unsupportive thoughts, doubtful thoughts…  You will even question yourself, your intentions, your wants, right and wrong and what you are supposed to be doing with your life?!
Remind yourself of the trust that you have in the bigger plan and that it is okay for you to not know exactly how everything is meant to play out!  Events will play out in the way they will or as they are intended;  so why waste precious energy worrying, right?  This isn’t a fatalistic stance necessarily … if you are not acting, planning etc., you are worrying entirely to no effect.
To be present is to keep a distance from any negative thoughts and to be your best friend and personal cheerleader.  Being present takes practice and effort but it is the only way to stay clear of making the “unknown and uncertainty” something negative; treat uncertainty and change as an opportunity for something different.  It is your job to stay present and to turn the “unknown and uncertainty” into a friend and a place of comfort.
Change it is a very potent force for healing.
The likelihood is great for change to bring up old emotional triggers. These emotions are your storage and operant conditioning trapped within your physical body as well as within your energetic patterns.  This is the reason as to why they feel so strong.  Emotion is often the catalyst for physical mega outbreaks as well.
There is a range of daily symptoms that I hear in my office all caused by change: judgment upon others, blame upon others, general anxiety and discomfort on the physical level to name a few.  Symptoms are not a bad thing; they get you and others to pay attention, and to be present so you can heal. 
Again, staying present to your emotional experiences is very important.  There is a great saying: “when it is hysterical, it is historical”.
In this present time on our planet, historical patterns of human behavior and consciousness are changing. It’s time to let it go!
What can you do?  Breathe, feel and don’t think too much beyond the present!  All is well!  
With Love and Light,