Dream yourself back into reality!

  |   being present, change, self love, transformation

Remember when you were little and you would play make believe? You would conquer universes and discover treasure?  You were the hero, the heroin of your story! You were fearless, you were brilliant, you were strong and right with yourself…. .  Remember?                   What happened?  Where did the hero go?  What happened to the heroine?
I know what happened, life happened. The cold, cruel, disconnected perspective so many still call reality.  In my reality you still are that hero, you still are the gorgeous, the fearless heroine.  Oh yes you are!  And I say it’s time you bring them back! Daydream!           PLease, don’t give up your job just yet 🙂 but dream back your true self! When you were little you were the One to save this planet, remember?  Well you still are!  Just because life has been challenging doesn’t mean you can’t face these challenges!  Didn’t your hero/heroine self face any challenge?  Weren’t monsters far scarier than your boss or pirates more brutal than the IRS?
Life isn’t meant to be a grind or drag to the finish line! You have just forgotten the colors, the feelings, the curiosities, the openness, the strength and the purity of connection with the truth.  So draw your imaginary weapon! Be brave, be proud, be right with yourself!  Dream yourself back into reality!
We need you hero!  We need you heroine! Join us in the true reality of infinite possibilities where you belong!!!!!  🙂
With all my Love, Britta