Drop your baggage!

  |   change, healing, self love

Yes it may suck for a few moments, for you to actually have to feel, but that’s what it will take for you to shift out of your drama mind.  When you release the fear, anger, judgment, victim, blame, shame, manipulative, scarcity… thoughts you will have to face feeling.  C’mon, you can do it.  Don’t be afraid.  You are courageous, everybody is deep down inside.  The level of discomfort depends on how much you have been suppressing your emotions.
You cannot think and feel properly at the same time. Sooner or later you will have to stop that chatter and just feel!
Don’t you think it is time to drop the baggage? Isn’t it time for you to actually live the joyous life that you are meant to live?                   Oh believe it!  You can and you will live that life if you only breathe through that discomfort or even pain of feeling your emotions.      If you don’t want to, choose to or you aren’t just ready yet – well ok.  No judgment here.  But if you haven’t even tried because you didn’t realize that that’s all you have to do in order to break through….. I suggest you claim what is rightfully yours!  TO LIVE LIFE!
What do you have to loose?  Your attachments to being right?  To being angry?  To judging? To feeling less or better than? To living your life in fear? To hurt or get hurt?  To not feel and rather abuse yourself physically by projecting it into the body?  To being aloof  or numb? To being unhappy?  To playing the victim and reacting with negativity? I say enough is enough! You will loose nothing!  You will only gain!
What will you gain?  You will gain everything and more. Most of all you will gain your self respect and self honor.                            Isn’t that what you deserve? I know it is 🙂 You deserve to live in peace and self love within yourself.                                              Everybody on the outside will get there when they decide it is time-not your job!
Have a happy and blessed day being courageous and feeling into your emotions.  Let your breath assist you.
With love and gratitude,