Everything for a Reason

  |   healing, transformation

Seasons Greetings to all.              
This month’s food for thought is: “Everything happens for a reason.”
I understand many of us are having difficult times due to the economical circumstances. I also understand this being a very real experience. Yet from a spiritual perspective, every challenge can be used toward growth, expansion and or change in general. That is to say, from a spiritual perspective everything happens for a reason.
So if everything really does happen for a reason and all challenges hold this wonderful opportunity for growth and change, then why not try on this perspective?  What really do you have to loose? Not much, huh? 
The fact is that worry will always be available to you; it doesn’t feel good and it surely affects your health.
Why not try to look beyond the Human Illusion perspective of “only what you can see is real?” Why not begin breathing into the hidden solution, trusting it to be there?  Why not stay open to possibilities that haven’t been presented to you yet because you haven’t chosen to believe in their existence? 
Yes, you need to choose to believe or make yourself believe through the repetition of affirmations plus logic reasoning to yourself that this is what you are choosing now, because you can.
Some examples for affirmations plus logical reasoning:

  • I choose to be open to life guiding me into change which I choose to embrace with trust, because I allow my true purpose and abilities to surface for the betterment of my life and my well being.
  • I choose to focus only on solution thinking because science is proving where I direct my focus is where my energy goes.

I choose to resonate with and visualize the possibilities that my heart’s desire knows are existing and waiting for me because I deserve [fill in your desires here] and accept myself as an equal part of the whole through Love.
Life is too short not to embrace it fully. You are in control of yourself and if you work at it, you are in control of your thoughts! You must accept full responsibility for your thoughts, words and actions and choose to believe, over and over again that anything is possible. Through hard work and focus of your energy, you will bring to yourself what you are focusing on.