Evolve or revolve.

  |   breath, change, healing, self love

Imagine a revolving door. You are in it. Around and around you go, seeing the same things again and again.  Having the same experiences again and again.  You know you want to get out but you can’t seem to stop it.  It appears to have a life of it’s own. What do you have to do to get out of this revolving door?
You slow down!
After you have slowed down your revolving door and you learn to control it’s pace, you will be able to exit it in a graceful way.
This concept of course isn’t new to you but you may forget to slow down.  Of course you have experienced the freedom and bliss when you do. When you do slow down you are in control of your thoughts, you are in control of your words, actions, choices and reactions. You are free from the same old same old, free to just be.
Slow down.  Use your breath to help you. You know what slows you down in healthy and supportive ways. Do it more often, you owe it to yourself.    You enjoy it, you miss it, of course.                                                                                                                                                                                            Then when you are ready you will exit your revolving door of old and unsupportive patterns for good.  When you are ready.
When you are ready to evolve out of your revolving door you will find your ways to enjoy your strength, your laughter and appreciation for life.
Have a blessed day,