Graciously Receiving

  |   healing, transformation

The year has flown by and yet another Holiday Season is upon us!
Although the Holidays about sharing, being with loved ones and giving, I would like to draw the focus on receiving — to gracefully receive without expectations.
Of course I agree with the wisdom of the adage “giving is receiving” –the more one gives the richer one becomes internally.  So, please do keep giving!!!
Yet, only he who can receive fully, can give fully and vice versa.  This is because giving is supposed to be an overflowing of the self.  So if one is not full, giving becomes a drain.    And unfortunately, often the deficit becomes substantial. 
When should we give? To make ourselves feel better?  Do we give because we are supposed to?  As a duty?  To be loved?  Instead of giving for the sake of giving, perhaps we might try receiving for the sake of receiving: at least until our deficit is more balanced.
This Holiday Season, let’s practice receiving, so that giving may become more thoughtful with less expectations for gain.  With each gift, no matter how small or un-useful, let’s try to recognize our disappointments, breath through them, and then let it go, cherishing the gesture rather than the object and receiving what is being given to us without comparison.  Receive the people around you, their company, and let what they have to give to you be your plenty.  Receive the gratitude from another for what you gave to them.
If you are feeling lonely over the Holidays because loved ones are far away or contacts have been broken, be grateful for a smile that a stranger may give you and for receiving that recognition.  Be grateful for that phone call you least expected and receive the intimation that you are cared for, that you are truly not alone.  Or, just be grateful for the solitude and receive your independence and freedom fully.  Walk through the streets and receive the excitement that children are feeling.  Breathe in their happiness and innocence and receive these blessings as your own.  Receive the food you eat, welcome the sun, cherish your breath, relish the beauty of nature…
It is a universal law, Give and Take: like the balance between night and day, the Ying and the Yang.
Here again, receiving is yet another bit of our programming: our conditioned mind giving meaning to something that has no inherent meaning unto itself.  We want not only to awaken our consciousness to be more fully aware of when and what we are receiving, but we want to give it meaning and programming, building positive notions around our acts of receiving.
The more we change our perspective to realize that we are receiving ALL THE TIME, the more we will loosen up energetically: loosening up into acceptance.  By choosing to receive, we essentially give to our Self, maintaining its fullness.
Abundance is a goal of the spirit.  We are meant to overflow — then and only then can true giving happen.  Fill your cup.  Free yourself to receive unconditionally and without judgment but with gratitude.   Join back into the flow of life, the give and take.  Open enough to receive all the wonderful blessings that you have been waiting for you and that you are worthy to accept!
Happy Holidays everybody : )