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Hello Friends ūüėČ ¬†Happiness is your birthright.
As you can imagine happiness has nothing to do with your outside circumstances.  Only you can create your happiness.
Ask yourself: ¬†“Do I like myself? ¬†Do I approve of the way I act, choose, behave, speak, think…?” ¬† If you can honestly say “Yes” then you are in a happy place with yourself. ¬†If you feel the answer being “No” , be glad because now you have found the cause of your inner conflict and unhappiness.
Don’t judge yourself now, forgive yourself and focus on being more in alignment with your “authentic truth”. ¬† Begin to embrace this process of reshaping yourself into the better and happier you. ¬†You deserve it. ¬†You owe it to yourself.
You can do it!  I believe in you ;).
Have a happy day.
Love and Light,