Happy New Year! Let Disorder Become Order

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January Blog 2014
In 2014 let disorder become order.
The beginning of a new year can be vulnerable, open and extremely sensitive, when hopes and expectation are being met by the negative ego that says: “Oh, let’s see how long that resolution will last!”, or “Why not save yourself the disappointment and not do it at all (“it’s a foolish game to make these new years resolutions anyways …)?”.  Maybe your ego is a bit friendlier and says: “What’s sensible, what’s realistic, what’s responsible for 2014…?”.
How about we look deeper than this.
What if everything is already there for you!?!?  What if all your highest potentials are already waiting for you, patiently?!?  What if all the answers to all of your questions are lined up for you?!? What if?!?
Surprise, you already know that they are! J
What if all the disorder in your life is covering up the potentials and possibilities?
What if underneath the nagging uncertainty, beneath the tension, tightness and stress, below the surface of blame and shame lies a gloriously deep ocean of freedom and fulfillment!?!
Yes, yes it does!
So it is the disorder within our relationships, the disorder within our self-worth and self-love out of which we face ourselves and our world that covers our brilliance and magnetism.  This disorder keeps us from seeing the truths, the dynamics and their affects on our lives as we take things as “normal” and our “comfort-zones”.
I invite you to look at all the parts of your life, all it’s facets.  You perhaps are a parent, a partner, a friend, a child, a sibling, a co-worker/partner or boss, team mate, etc. . (I invite you to draw a circle such as this and write your facets of your life in it). As you see each area or facet of your life notice which area has most disorder in it.
Be honest with yourself about which area needs improvement. Where is the disorder and why? How is it showing up?  How do you or have you reacted to it so far? Who, what person/situation triggers you?
Perhaps it is about becoming organized? Speaking your truth?
Write it all out for yourself, it will take it out of your subconscious and onto the table. Putting yourself into the driver seat!  You are the boss!
Then ask yourself questions, such as:
– What am I afraid of?
– Who and how would I be if the fear wasn’t real?
– Where am I holding onto outdated and unsupportive beliefs?
– Do I feel worthy?
– Am I ready to let go of old judgment, shame, blame, and resentment and see what’s on the other side of it?
– How can I take responsibility?
– What/where/how would be healthy boundaries to draw?
– What is my truth?
– How do I wish to show up?
This may seem like a lot of work but it really isn’t. It’ll actually be very interesting and fun for you to get clear on where the disorder is present in your life and then work on eliminating the disorder through solution focus.
As you recognize possible solutions, possibilities will open up for you.  Also simply by you taking charge you will feel better, stronger and in control of yourself and your life.  You are never out of control.  It is the disorder, which makes you feel out of control!  But remember, the disorder is only fooling you, don’t believe it’s hype.
You are here to be authentically empowered and to take your life into the direction you choose.  Clear out the disorder so you can see clearly!
You deserve it and owe it to yourself.
May this New Year be all you have ever wished for!
With all my love and deepest gratitude,