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What is healing?  The larger meaning is to get better, to become whole or to improve well being.                                                                          What can that mean to you on a personal level?
The word healing has mainly been associated with physical injuries or with mystical healing ceremonies.  The time has come however to bring “healing” into our mainstream awareness and personal use.  Anybody can heal and use healing.  Most of us have healing abilities, even if unacknowledged at this moment.
Healing occurs when you help out a person in need, it occurs when you listen to somebody who needs to vent.   Healing occurs when you recognize your state of mind as unsupportive and shift it. You can set the intention of healing and breathe deeply and slowly for 5 minutes. When you exercise, go for a walk or stretch, set the intention for a specific healing. When you hug a friend, bring healing into the experience.  Shake somebody’s hand with the intention of healing. Prepare food with healing intentions.
In short, healing isn’t only reserved for “special occasions” or “special people”, it is apart of you and you can access it at any time. 😉  Remember, science confirms that you are energy and that what you focus on manifests.  You are powerful.
When you bring the intention of healing into a conversation, a meeting, your day or a doing, healing will occur. It is another Universal law. You are a Healer, you can create healing within others as well as within yourself.
Let’s heal together!  One for all and all for one!
Until next time. Thank you for joining me.
Love and Light,