Humbly powerful.

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Humbly powerful.
Power without humility is inauthentic and humility without power is inauthentic as well; inauthentic to ones soul that is.
To the earthly brain these two qualities may appear as polar opposites but truthfully we must recondition ourselves away from the old perceptions.
Both attributes, power & humility, are divine.
In our essence, within our souls, we are humble and we are powerful alike.
The word power has been misunderstood, feared and judged for too long. Many associate the word power with the negative ego, greed and obsessive control.
These are all traits of the negative ego, yes.
But these are also most often traits of unconscious people. It seems as though that unconscious people have no problem with the use of power, on the contrary, they want more and more of it.
But often, the conscious and light focused people appear to judge and even fear the concept of power.
So then, have the happy and conscious humans lost their connection to power?
Do conscious people give their power away to power itself? … As if the energy of power would threaten their hard work and make it all undone or overshadow them with dark energy. Do these humans committed to self-improvement throw out the baby with the bath water?
The word humility has also had a bad rap.
The dictionary states that humble means, “a modest or low view of ones importance”.
As you know, the main doctrines have taught that humility is a spiritual person’s path and that god-fearing people are to be humble, poor and serve others.
This is still deeply ingrained into the
collective consciousness.
From the souls perspective however, this is incorrect. How can we see ourselves of low importance, when we are source incarnated?
Humble power embraces the light within and illuminates the conditioning of this lifetime with acceptance
and ownership.
There is no more time for playing small in ones authentic empowerment.
If you are humble, nothing can touch you – neither praise nor discouragement – because you know who you are – this is your power!
It seems that conscious people, who are committed to their path of growth and self-awareness embrace and revere the quality of humility, whereas unconscious humans see humility as a weakness and generally unattractive.
We cannot leave the power to the unconscious any longer. Surely, the ego has everything to do with the understanding that power and humility can be used in positive, empowering or negative and disempowering ways.
The ego is built into our human bodies and cannot be destroyed, so let’s make peace with our egos.
The ego does have a positive and negative side to it, as balance will always find itself in earthly life.
Watching and knowing ones ego is important and very correct work. The negative ego hooks into any aspect it can find and as much as it hooks into humility in form of “less than,” it also fuels the spiritual ego with “better than” or an
energy of competition.
This reminds me of Buddha, who thought to be god himself – incarnated.
With peace and happiness comes humility and one can never loose the sense of reverence to a higher power. Of course this higher power is within us, in form of our light and we are one with it but we are governed and guided by a light that is so bright and so pure in it’s love that our bodies would spontaneously combust in it’s full presence.
The time has come for spiritual people to be powerful and humble at the same time. We need your power, the power of your light and the courage of your fearless heart.
Soul conscious humans are being called to step up and get strong! There is no more time to be wasted. The time is now to take back our beloved mother earth and all her children with reverence and free ourselves from the chains of the illusion.
We are here to walk tall and proud in our light and to handle the power of our light with reverence,
 within our own lives as well as within the global oneness.
 Let your actions and words be bold, and let the darkness quiver in the presence of your brilliant light.
It is the power of your light that will create the shifts and changes you are ready for.
But your power must be authentic, as you are humbly bowing to the light, here to work for the light, and as the light. We are all here together and only together will we rise into global peace and harmony.
Sending blessings of love and light to you and yours,