"I thought I was my mind!"

  |   being present, breath, change, transformation

I had a client say to me this morning “I thought I was my mind!”
Those who have strong attachments to their minds actually identify with their minds.  We may identify with our intelligence, intellect, IQ, reasoning or mental abilities but I am here to tell you “No, you are not your mind”.
When I asked my client to acknowledge his thoughts, he realized that he was observing them. Therefor as the observer of his thoughts he couldn’t be the thoughts.  He also couldn’t be the breath, the emotions, the words or the body since he was directing it all.
Furthermore as the director of your thoughts, words, choices… etc. what are you choosing?  Are you actively choosing or are you operating on automatic pilot? Perhaps it is time to get off of “automatic pilot” for a while and remain the conscious observer for a certain amount of time!
Making the choices that you as the observer really want! That is freedom! Free to be you 🙂
With Love and Light,