Infinite possibility YOU!

  |   being present, breath, change, transformation

It is not just a spiritual slogan anymore.  Science is confirming that you are interconnected with a field of infinite possibility and potential. You are one with it –  you are it!
It takes work to identify with it.  It takes you wanting to step out of the old programming and align yourself with your true self;           Infinite Love & Light.
At times you may not feel the “truth” of this knowledge.  In time you will go beyond the intellectualizing of the experience and become it, more and more.
It is a feeling, it is an experience.  The mind must be Mastered because it cannot “think it”.  Your mind is meant to be a channel, open and clear, ready to receive at all times.  This is when you embody your true self.
Namaste (in short) means:  The Light in me sees the Light in you.
Namaste my friend.