It takes strength…

  |   being present, change, healing, self love, transformation

It is just too easy to allow your mood to dictate your day and for your grumpy attitude to spill over and affect the lives of the people around you.  Not every day is as light and easy as the previous one. You may feel edgy or irritated for no particular reason.  This is when choosing a positive attitude takes inner strength.
Strength is one of the most important components on your spiritual consciousness journey.  Strength is love.  Strength is patience.  Strength is commitment and follow through, even when you don’t feel like it!
Picture Gandhi for a moment; imagine the strength it must take to stop eating and almost die for your cause! To break your way through resistance and if it takes your life, so be it!  I feel incredibly inspired by such empowerment, inner strength and conviction.       He is one of my greatest heros.
Strength builds. It also needs to be maintained. The more you listen to your gut/intuition, make choices that are in alignment with your truth and choose to honor yourself as well as others, the stronger you will feel.  The stronger you feel the easier it will be for you to make those “tuff” decisions that may not be the instant gratification but the “right” choice that is highly strengthening in the long run.  You know what I mean, taking the high road or saying “no” even though your ego wants to say “yes”.
It also is strengthening when you are loving and supportive with yourself. Beating yourself up has nothing to do with strength!       Screaming and yelling is weak not strong!   It takes strength to look at a “weak” choice you have made with forgiveness and to learn from it, so the next time you will be stronger to choose wisely.  Strength is compassionate, forgiving and kind, yet it is also truthful, tuff and strict.
You are strong, it is your essence. Any old weakness is just unsupportive programming. Don’t buy into it.  Focus on getting yourself stronger mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  There is no limit to how strong you can become!  And it is exciting and fun….. you have nothing to lose but everything to gain. 🙂
Blessings to you and yours,