"IT'S FALLING TOGETHER!" I'm Taking Live Calls Today! Sat, Oct 5th, 1pm EST

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Saturday, October 5th, 1PM Eastern


]Most of us have been traveling our spiritual paths for quite a while now.  We have learned much, and have collected great tools for our kits.   And yet, some days, the tools and practices just don’t seem to be enough.   The truth is, whether we are new spiritual seekers or “old pros,” we all have setbacks, and old habits that suddenly re-emerge, leaving us frustrated and wondering what the heck happened, I shouldn’t be back here again!  Now what???  Believe it or not, you really haven’t regressed to where you started; it’s just another negative “story.” And now it’s time to be reminded that you can free yourself from these old patterns.

 I have great news for you!  Starting October 1st, my dear friend Sue Fellows at Our Inner Awakenings is hosting the “It’s Falling Together” series to help all of us address our stuckness.  I am proud to be joining her and over 25 other top transformational speakers in this series. Consider this your invitation to join us!  You don’t have to spend a penny to participate, all you need to do is register.  Once you do, you will have access to all the calls and all the free gifts.

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