Let it go! (December blog)

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December Blog 2014
Tis the time to let go!
It is the end of another year and what better time to finally release, let go, and relax!?
I am sure there are many things that you didn’t get done in 2014, even though you were working as hard as you could to make them happen. I am also sure that you had expectations or anticipations this year that haven’t fully evolved or manifested yet.
As you know, you are energy.  So are your thoughts, words, and actions.  In our produce-produce society, we often become extremely tunnel minded and goal orientated.  This happens due to self- imposed pressure and, of course, the pressure bosses, co-workers, business partners, friends and family members place upon us.
Pressure and stress tighten our energy. It is easy to detect the tension in your physical body.  But it is much harder to understand how tight and dense energies hinder the fulfillment of our manifestations.
Once energy tightens around a specific goal, dream or desire, this dense energy creates stagnation.  You are the creator of your universe, and if your energy is tense and controlling, nothing will change!
Since December is that bizarre month when people just want to cruise, close out the year, and start again fresh in January, I suggest you follow suit!
Let go, breathe, stop stressing and stop trying to control the desired outcome. Spend time with friends and family. Be social. Go to Christmas parties. Relax!!!
You need to understand that energy flows both ways and if you are all tight and stressed, you don’t flow and nothing can flow in!  If your energy is stuck, no flow is happening, in or out. Energy needs to work in balance, as you are able to flow, the universe is able to flow with you… makes sense? As an energetic Being and as the creator of your universe, think energy! Is your energy flowing with ease and grace?
For the month of December, release all your desires and wishes to the universe.  It knows what you want.
This of course requires your trust in the universe, trust that your energy is magnetic, and trust that the universe has plans for you.  I bet that the plans that the universe has for you exceed your expectations by far!
So do yourself the favor and just for these next few weeks, loosen up. Say out loud at least once a day: “I release my hopes, dreams and desires to manifest X, Y, Z to you (universe) and ask for your assistance in manifesting it all for me to the highest and greatest good for all involved.”
Then, come January, see how you feel.  Maybe your perspective has changed or perhaps your desire has shifted. From here maybe you will want to get back into taking charge and exercising control.  But possibly you like the way you feel all relaxed and free. And maybe this feeling will be worth holding onto, so that you can start the new year with a fresh attitude and a relaxed energy that will help you co-create with ease and grace, finally!
Claim who you are, pay attention to your energy.  As the vibrations are increasing it will become more and more important to stay in the flow in order to successfully co-create.
It’s meant to be fun and it’s meant to feel exciting!
Stay loose my friend!
Happy Holiday season.
With Love and Light to you and yours.
In gratitude, Britta