Let Love live!

  |   healing, transformation

Love, we all want it! We all deserve it! We all love it!
What better time to focus on it than now!!!!???? It’s lover’s month! ;0) Valentine’s day ;0) YAY ;0)))
The other night I overheard some of my guy friends talking about Valentine’s Day. The conversation went something like this: L: “Oh G… Valentine’s Day! As if I need a day to tell me what to do!” S: ” I know. Tell me about it! Everyday is Valentine’s Day!” Ha, ha… L: “Grrrrr… pressure…. Ufffff…. More pressure!
We are so shut down, so nonchalant about the only real force in life!!! Why are so many of us so lazy about love? Do we really have the luxury of taking love for granted?
If we can’t celebrate love, then what might possibly merit celebration? Love is the only real thing! It is! You know it is!!!! It is the stuff we are all made out of and the stuff that makes us giggle, and that makes us feel alive, and that makes us feel invincible even!!!
It keeps us young and it keeps us healthy, it promotes clarity, stamina, life force, happiness, calmness, peace, a sense of purpose… to mention just a few beneficial side effects. ;0)))
Why NOT have one day a year to inspire us to think about love?!? Shouldn’t love be a day of the week? … an hour of the day? It is actually disturbing to me the idea that we need such a big gaudy prompt like Valentine’s Day to be reminded in effect to give of ourselves a little more, to stretch ourselves, to show a little more passion, care, interest, or hey … passion.
I do get some of the resistance to “Valentine’s Day;” it’s easy to be cynical around a “mass marketed event” in the middle of winter that stimulates advertising budgets and checkout lines. But cynics are pessimists; they by definition hold a low opinion of sincerity in general and humanity in particular. In November I wrote that there are only two base emotions, Love and Fear?!? Fear is a chameleon and can masquerade as intellectual superiority and in any other number of ways that manifest as separation, conditionality, suspicion, resistant, blame, anger, negativity, neurosis, deceit etc.
If you encounter yourself feeling unable to express yourself (like stuttering on the “l” consonant) or find it weird-uncomfortable-not-who-you-are, or another person is not meeting your expectations and therefore you feel they don’t deserve more of you, or you are comfortably shut down or even numb because all that feeling and expressing stuff is just a waste of time or worse there simply isn’t a place for it in your life because etc., ask yourself if you are heading in the direction of Love or Fear.
Most of the population is walking around with a completely shut down or semi shut down heart…. . And that is a sad experience my friend. That is wasting life away!!! If we do not succeed at love, we do not succeed at life!!!!!
So, if you’ve been putting off love, the time is now; February is here to shamelessly remind us. You don’t have to be in a romantic relationship to open your heart by the way! Love is a vibration and this vibration can only come through our hearts and then be carried out into the world through the actions and words, which will be driven by this vibration. So you see, the point is all about bringing out the vibration itself. It is all about your heart being opened more! Only you can make this choice to open your heart for a change and to allow your heart to rule your choices rather than your head.
Maybe love has hurt you. Perhaps the people who were meant to love you most disappointed your sensitive Being. Maybe experiences have caused you shut down your heart or made you hold back from giving of yourself in order to protect yourself from feeling the pain again. But the time has never been more pressing for all of us than now.
The vibration, which is accumulating upon our planet with every day now is screaming for love; it is begging for love! Can’t you feel it?!? Only love can save us and only love can heal us. If we do not choose to open our hearts now, and love like we have never been hurt before, then when?! Love is about finding courage inside of you that you didn’t even know was there. Love is about grand gestures and love is about allowing feelings and finding ways to express them.
Real love is NOT about what you are getting; real love is NOT about expectations being met. The real and purest form of love is you breaking through your barriers and the walls of protection you have built around your heart! The wall that brick by brick got laid every time you felt hurt, disappointed, saddened, abandoned, betrayed, shamed, disrespected… and on and on the list of brick laying goes.
The real love is you choosing to say something special or to do something special to/for another person – regardless of what you get in return. Wow what a concept!!! Imagine, love without expectations.
I know that our world would be a much greater place if once a week (let’s start it of easy and then you may increase it at your own pace) we would dedicate one day to giving love without any expectations!
So this Valentine’s Day, make it special. Be corny. Step out of your comfort zone and let love guide the way. Say something or do something to/for another person that will make you feel the walls of your protection breaking down, even if it is just a single brick that falls for now.
See how this makes you feel. In the end it is all about how great it makes you feel because that is the true secret behind it all. It not only vibrates the love out into the world but it vibrates into you, into your Being, into every cell, into every muscle, stimulating, energizing and healing you! Only love heals.
Let’s bring out the secret weapon, LOVE!
Have a happy, blessed and love filled month. Love and Light Britta