Let’s earth it

  |   healing, transformation

My girlfriend came to visit this week end and reminded me of a great way of “natural” grounding. Early in the mornings she would announce: “I am going earthing”. My daughter and I would peek outside as to watch my friend walk outside barefoot, just walking slowly across the lawn. The importance here is “barefoot”.
OK, we all know by now how important it is to “be grounded” or to “ground” oneself. Right? Right! We can meditate, breathe, imagine roots running deeply into the earth or … just take a walk and be sure to walk barefoot!!!
It makes so much sense!!! So simple, so beautiful, so natural!!! Tribes have done it all along, since the beginning of time Humans have walked the earth barefoot, or slept on the ground. We are electric -the earth is electric. We are energy-the earth is energy.
Subtle energies on the earth’s surface assist us in balancing and “grounding” our so often out of control spinning energy fields. This balancing is especially important due to all of the electromagnetic fields in our homes produced by our electronics such as computers, TV’s, cell phones, Ipad’etc. Electronics aren’t the only man-made influences to move our energies “out of wack:” societal stress, living on high floors in apartment buildings, unhealthy eating and general disconnect from nature can be added to the list.
Research is showing how the daily barefoot walk across the earth has plenty of beneficial results. You can look this up by googling “earthing”. Some of the grounding as well as healing effects of this earthing would be relief from headache, reduction of chronic pain, lowered stress, increased energy, reduction of jet lag, better sleep, more calmness, improved blood pressure, relief from muscle tension and normalization of the body’s biological rhythms….
I love how it is always coming back to the simple things in life, isn’t it wonderful? I feel that we all ought to take the time to connect to our mother earth more consciously and allow for the positive effects of her to benefit us. I would call this a clear win/win!!!
So lets take of our shoes and let’s earth ourselves while the sun is still height and warming the earth below our feet! (during the winter months, if you need some man-made help, there are actually plenty of products online to help us with earthing ).
But for now, try earthing au natural!!!
With love and Light, Britta