Let's Listen

  |   healing, transformation

Blessed New Year everybody!
Many people take the beginning of a new year as a symbolic “new start.”
The more I was contemplating meaning for this month’s blog, the clearer it became… “Let’s listen …”
We all have the desire to be heard and we all have the desire to express ourselves. In there lies the importance of having somebody available to express the self to. It makes us feel acknowledged, it makes us feel respected and cared for to have somebody “listen”.
I understand “listening”, “truly listening” to be one of the most important adjustments necessary in today’s world.
To listen is an art. To listen broadens one’s horizon and one’s capacity to learn. To listen displays respect to another person. To listen means truly being in the present. To listen means caring unconditionally about other people’s perspectives and feelings. To listen means perhaps adjusting the self along with the pre-constructed thoughts that are formed and at the ready to be spewed out.
To be truly listening gives insight into what really is being expressed by another. Beneath the cover of words there exists energy of communication that might be heard if one bothers to listen and thinks to listen differently. Often times the words being said portray the opposite of the intention! So the clearer the mind and the purer is the state of listening, the greater becomes the ability of “hearing beneath the words.” Anyone can learn it and anyone can do it. It means of course letting go of any old associations and/or preconceived, conditioned beliefs, ideas, thoughts, concepts, etc.
To truly listen shines a light into a person’s mind, into their thoughts, emotional state, agenda and conditional patterning.
Now, once it has been understood and mastered it requires authentic intent of course; it is not meant to be used to manipulate a person or situation; it is meant to strengthen the art of communication. The ability to truly listen is a facility to shift people and situations into win-win outcomes, to create peace and harmony, to manifest that heaven on earth that we all deserve and for which deeply down we are all longing.
I encourage everybody to make a point, to make an effort to listen more closely and intently to what other people are really saying. It will only benefit you in the most wonderful and unexpected way … I promise :0)
With Love and Light,