Lets redefine spirituality.

  |   being present, change, healing, self love

What is the new experience of spirituality?
The modern understanding of spirituality is free from religion.  It is free from “the only way” attitude.  It allows unconditional co-existence within all choices available for Humans to pick from. Spirituality is kind and compassionate whilst strong and able to give tuff love.  It has nothing to do with being “weak”, a “push over”, an “air head”, a “hippy freak” or a tree hugger.  (However I do hug trees and I love it).  ;0)
Spirituality is not poverty, on the contrary it allows oneself to be apart of the vast ocean of abundance.  It accepts Money as an energy and when used in the right way, an asset to all.
Spirituality is a mind set, an attitude.  Just because one chooses the path of spirituality doesn’t mean he/she is now perfect and won’t make mistakes. It is hard work and a commitment that will take you as deep as you are willing to go.
It is the most rewarding journey because it focuses on bettering the self. No outside person necessary to connect with spirit for you,  you connect directly with God, Source, Greater Consciousness, Universe…. all by yourself. Because you can and because it is who you are.  An extension of infinite possibilities incarnated, having a temporary Human experience.
Enjoy the Love,