Letting go!

  |   healing, transformation

Sooner or later we will all have to learn and master the art of letting go.
At some point, we will need to let go of somebody or something that means so much – it is a part of the spiritual lessons within this Human experience.
Why is it so difficult for some of us to let go?
The main ingredient of the inability to let go is fear! Then what exactly are we afraid of?
Well, some of us do not really even realize that there is fear at hand. Some of us are actually completely caught up in “the illusion”. The illusion makes it impossible for one to be flowing freely and trusting in life.
In other words, if you have tried everything you can and you still haven’t been able to get back the somebody or something that you believe you may have lost or are loosing and you aren’t able to let go and stop thinking, obsessing, worrying, stop contacting or talking about this person or thing, then you are caught up in the illusion.
Not only are you caught up in the illusion, you are also experiencing a trigger within yourself that you must look at and become present to in order to heal it. Even if it is just your almost-grown child going off to college, it’s a letting go and wants to be taken in a trusting, supportive and loving way. The mind is a trickster and must be observed and scrutinized with love – only then can you see the illusion and choose trust in letting go and the natural flow of change and progression of life.
The truth is that we are all here together! We are all one! Smiles…. Science is showing that we are all energy and we are all interconnected and therefore all one! The illusion is the counter opposite of “Oneness consciousness” and therefore leads to the sense of separation and loss. Albert Einstein said: “Separation is an illusion of consciousness.” Fear feeds on the illusion and entertaining the illusion feeds fear as does ego. Of course it is not easy! I know it is challenging and can sometimes be so painful.
We are all one, yes, yet we live out in a single experience within our own bodies and journeys. We are all souls traveling through life having our own purposes and highest intentions for being in the bodies in which we are housed. Hence the importance of giving respect to other souls in their bodies, their journeys and choices in the key. Every soul has the freedom to choose in the end, whether we like it or not; whether we agree with it or not.
The importance is in letting go of the attachment. It may be the attachment to a thought, belief, an idea, a concept, a feeling, a perspective, a need or dependency… Any attachment will stop the ability to flow with and trust life.
This trusting in life and free flowing experience is exactly the purpose of life itself. Change is the only constant. To resist change and the end-of-things is resisting new openings and opportunities! In truth EVERYTHING always happens to our greatest and highest good! When one door closes another one will open! When something, or someone in our lives comes to an end, it is because that is meant to end!!
The ending of something can bring new direction, new purpose, new relationships, new love, new experiences, new awareness and growth… it’s a universal law!
Trust in the flow of life; trust in change being to your highest and greatest good; trust in that the universe will replace what you are letting go of. The greater your acceptance of the flow of life, the easier this entire journey will become for you!
Live your life!
Namaste, Britta